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Jay Moye Mar 11, Share: Ccola take this way of thinking to the field every time I shoot people so they can act from the truth and not pose. Images are cropped and edited in a way that closes in on the Coke bottle and leaves interpretation up to the viewer. The fact that he's there, and not retouched, tells me this is a real moment.

Cola photographs coca Vintage

The symmetrical composition with the Coca-Cola bottle in the center and in full focus acts as the phorographs. The guy in the back is a model; the girl in front isn't. As the connection is created, everything flows The Coke bottle is front and center and makes the moment that much better, that much more special. Super tight close-up, simple composition, big pop of Coca-Cola red on her lips… and just a peek of our Georgia green glass bottle. This vibe brings out the best in them. Here, the three photographers and co-creative directors James Sommerville and Raphael Abreu from Coca-Cola share and discuss their favorite images from the campaign.

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I picture a story in my head of her flirting with her photographer boyfriend. The spraying of the product in the background is celebratory and fun. We had them pass the Coke bottle back and forth.

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