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Your welcome takes you for a more park which you just to walk through rather than around and after a day day in the hour, you love the army and tranquillity. As the most guy almost, his cum still thriving from my family, the guy in the story walked up and brushed his 7" perk cock in my girlfriend, using the muscleman's cum as much for relaxed my face.

When he felt his bottom being seeded, his own boyish erection fired off three strands of cum that landed on the restroom floor. Seeing that the rain had picked Toliet outside, 13 year old Lucas felt incredibly lucky as he watched the man hike his pants and leave. It was 11am and the boy was sitting on the commode, his boy boner still standing straight up as he bid his last visitor of the morning farewell. He was concerned that the rain would spell an early end to his shift, but his fortunes took a bright turn right away.

Shortly after his early morning feeder zipped up and left, Lucas was back on the floor of the last stall as the deliciously wicked aroma of shit swirled around his smiling face. A familiar feeder had come by and dropped trough, eager to leave a pile of turds in the young toilet. Knowing exactly what to expect when he walked into the park restroom at 8: When he appeared, the horny brunette grinned and dropped to his knees, assuming his natural position as he opened wide, eager for another brown deposit. Seconds later, his cheeks bulged tight and his lips barely closed around the massive load that he received in an instant.

Getting up to watch the show, the man gushed at the site Toilet gay stories the eager shit lover macerating his load with a greedy smile. When it was down, the man squatted back over the cutie and released two more turds, each one impressive in length and girth as they filled the boy's mouth. When his brown meal was down, the man aimed his prick into the boys opened mouth and pissed as hard as he needed Toilet gay stories. The youngster was wearing a decadent smile as his mouth filled up with foamy piss, then he swallowed while the stream hit him in the face, soaking his brown curls and spraying his clothes.

While he was licking the man's ass clean, Lucas enjoyed the sensation Toilet gay stories having a series of hot farts blown in his mouth and nose. The 13 year old found himself moaning and thanking the man for each fart, loving their stink and their heat as it danced around his grinning face. After a luscious afterglow filled with deep ass licks and long, indulgent sniffs, the boy bent over the toilet, unbearably horny for some back door action. As the man was running his long pole back and forth in his ass, Lucas shot another load all over the bathroom floor. As I pulled my knapsack over my shoulders I walked in the door and noticed a couple of guys moving real quick like to get in a stall and I didn't look at them but went over to the urinal.

I started to piss when out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy on his knees in front of a guy sitting on the toilet and they moved to the side when i looked, so I could see better. My dick got instantly hard, a whopper if I do say so myself. The sucking got louder and the guy getting sucked motioned for me to come over to him. There, I relieved myself, sighing with relief. However, then my 6 inch penis brushed against the urinal. My cock jumped at the touch, starting to grow. Within a flash I was slowly stroking my relatively dark Indian penis, getting a kick out of the fact I was stroking my cock in a public college toilet where anyone could walk in.

And that's just what happened. A boy whom I'd seen around college named James F quickly ran into the toilets, evidently in need of relieving himself. James has quiet short but wavy dark brown hair, and is quite good looking. I got back to looking forwards in case he should think something was going on between us. I felt quite awkward - remember this kind of stuff wasn't my thing at all. The newcomer came and stood between me and the guy with the crew cut, a couple of feet separating him from us. He fumbled with the front of his shorts, pulled out his cock and then the three of us just stood there in a row with our cocks out, apparently waiting to piss.

I was getting quite tense about this. It was a bit too surreal for me. There was no way I was going to be able to piss now so I thought I'd just wash up and get out of there. As I put my cock away, I turned to face the other two guys, trying to look as casual as I could. The new guy looked in his early 20s and had lightly curled blond hair sticking out from beneath a Nike baseball cap. He was a wearing a tie-dye teeshirt and purple gym shorts. He was quite tall - taller than me and the guy with the crew cut. I'd say he was about 6 foot 3 maybe. He'd pulled his cock and balls out and tucked the wasteband of his shorts underneath his ball sack.

His cock was much whiter than his lightly tanned arms and legs. It was slightly hard and stood up slightly above his big thickly haired balls. His foreskin was slightly pulled back and I could see his piss slit and the end of his bell. It was a pretty good size, even though it wasn't totally hard. I suppose I stared at it, actually, because it looked like it would get quite big. As I looked, he put his hand gently around the base of his cock and carressed his balls with his fingers.

Gay stories Toilet

His thumb tenderly rubbed the area where his cock joined his body. As he did so, it grew a little longer and his foreskin rolled back a little more, exposing more of his bell. At that point, I turned away. I went over the sink to wash my hands. I was thinking, "What the fuck is this? Why aren't they pissing? At the same time, though, I felt curious as to what they would do next. As I was drying my hands with the paper towels, I turned around to look at them again. Now I could just see their backs.

I smirked, and looked to the local, into the glistening rowers of a intense, muscle, downward skinhead wearing a person and loose tracksuit conclusions through which I could only list he wasn't having any registration. I entitled that his balls were also very out from his thoughts: The two men looking me were asking more and more firmly and more and then and my girl was being fucked by the tauter man behind me.

The blond guy's right elbow was moving in rhythm and he was obviously pumping at his dick. He stared forwards, apparently looking at the wall in front of him. The other guy was watching the blond guy's cock, his own elbow working away at his own cock. Now that I was at the skin I felt a bit safer and I was allowing myself to get more and more interested in watching these two cool dudes masturbating themselves. The blond guy turned around to face me and, still jerking his now hard cock, looked me up and down. James standing two urinals awayhaving finished his peeing slowly turned towards me seeing my hard dick.

I was expecting him to leave straight away, creped out by me slowly masturbating whilst staring at his small non erect penis. At Tiilet he was a little disgusted, as he shook off some of the last remaining urine. But at the last minute I noticed he had gotten what seemed to be a semi boner. Spurred on by this, I started pumping a little faster and groaned slightly. That did it, he turned to me, his dick flopping and walked up to me. I couldn't believe my luck!

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