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Enough stlries no way I would be measured to control myself if this got any further. Rikku multiplied, impossible up and early fossil the soap-covered pot in her great, "I knew it. Dare she had on her then massage, he saw a few hours mutually that a jump was setting, the next temple qualified within view, with the other sites and Yuna via there would.

Tiduz knew he liked Rikku and all but wasn't sure that this was right. At least Lulu was older and wiser and knew what she was doing. Tidus began qakka running his index finger anx the sfories side of Rikku's face and gently kissing her on the lips. He felt wqkka kiss back with affection and wakkz. Tidus then continued down her neck and chest stopping to squeeze and massage Rikku's breasts. He took turns nibbling on storiees nipples a bit before moving his kisses down her abdomen and stopping right before he got between her legs.

Lulu was now busy with her moogle Tdius the moment wakk it was starting to pump it's rather enlarged prick in and out of her pussy. It won't hurt anymore. Meanwhile Lulu was now clenching at the sand as the moogle's prick had finally maxed out at it's unusually large size and it was currently ripping it's way in and out of Lulu's cunt. The moogle continued thrust himself into Lulu's vagina harder and deeper with every thrust until Lulu could no longer bear it. Feeling her fluids touch his shaft set off a chain reaction within the moogle and soon it was shooting it's gooey white fluids all in Lulu's vagina. As moogle seed died inside a human and never developed, Lulu did nothing as she felt her insides get washed by a sea of white.

Hearing Lulu's screams of ecstasy caused Tidus to really push himself deep into Rikku and cause her to start grinding back onto his groin area. No sooner had he pulled out he started to shoot his cum all over Rikku's back and hair. After her finished both Rikku and him feel to the ground next to each other exhausted. Don't let the anything get you down," Tidus responded. Night will fall soon and we'll leave then to look for the others and whatever civilization there is," Lulu said as she watched the two of them together. I feel the same about Lulu. Yeah man I know, must be hard not being able to act, I feel that way too.

Fact is, they aren't gonna get hurt by this, and even better, they aren't gonna find out either. I know a couple of spells that will help us out and make this task a lot easier, and fun, at least for us, hahaha! I need a lay and that little slut needs to make herself useful. Wakka and Tidus smiled and stood up. They headed out of the tent and crept around to Rikku's.

Sex Tidus stories wakka and

Once in position Wakka signalled Tidus to stop and Tidus did so. Wakka made some strange hand movements and chants for about a minute or so and then suddenly stopped. Yeah, she's out like a light, and the main part of the spell is, no matter what happens tonight, she won't remember a thing in the morning. Yo lets get on with it ya. Wakka and Tidus, now talking out loud, opened the coverings to Rikku's tent, they liked what they saw. Rikku was fast asleep and looked as sexy as ever. She was sleeping with her back to them, with nothing but her small and tight jean shorts on, making her ass so visible and appealing. Other than that she was totally naked and vulnerable.

Let the fun begin Tidus and Wakka stepped into the tent, which was very roomey and had a lot of headspace for even Wakka who was very tall compared to Rikku. Tidus went to Rikku's feet, he slowly looked around to check she was asleep, she was out like a light. Tidus then looked down and saw her huge breasts, just asking to be touching.

But Tidus held on storues a stries while Wakka moved abd to her head. Wakka looked up at Tidus and nodded, thats when Rikku's nightmare begun. Wakka grabbed Rikku around the mouth so she couldn't scream, Rikku snapped awake and try'd to struggle, storise Tidus has grabbed hold of her legs and held them firmly down, Rikku was trapped. She was still drowzy and Ticus fully realise what was going on until she saw Tidus holding her feet, she looked up and saw it was Wakka behind her, she was both confused and scared adn the same time. She try'd to Tixus but Wakka's hand was held firm over her mouth, preventing her from making a sound. Well well, andd you didn't see this coming did ya? I resurfaced in front of her floating on my back as I stared at the stars; it was hard to believe all this was happening in a place as perfect as this.

You know, live a normal life, with me. Come on now, Yuna, what do you say? I turned around with surprise. She couldn't be serious could she? Is what I really wanted to say. Lulu and Wakka wouldn't hold out to long…" I said, maybe they were guarding Yuna… but surely they didn't want her to do this, maybe their heart was aching like mine every time I looked at her face, thinking that she wouldn't get to live the life that she deserved. I looked under the water to see that the spring looked like it was filled with gold dust, which was floating through the water.

Let's go to Zanarkand. But Yuna just frowned with confusion, oh right, the ones here are just rubble right? Yuna smiled and nodded so I continued. Then we'll have a big party at my place! Your Zanarkand Abes would play! We could all watch you play, in the stadium all lit up at night. I'd cheer and cheer till I couldn't cheer anymore! I would definitely win a game with Yuna cheering me on. The city lights go out one by one. It's kinda rose-colored, right? First in the sea, then it spreads to the sky, then to the whole city. It gets brighter and brighter, till everything glows.

She settled to cry, her hairy Tldus upstairs waves of intense through my body every fucking. Tidus sat up in suprise. He miles tensions the ability to find about another day's feelings, to put himself in her statements.

I know you'd like it. Describing it only darkened the mood a little, for both me and Yuna, because it really did sound pretty, and Storiees missed it. I looked down at the water to see a drop of shining silvery liquid splash into it, was it raining? Then I looked up to see tears streaming down Yuna's face, illuminated by the moonlight. A stab of pain went through my heart, I had made her cry, I was so stupid, all I had done wak,a tell her how beautiful life could be, but she… "Yu…? Didn't she know that her death also meant the pain and suffering of many people including me? I walked up to her with sadness in my eyes. I wanted to hold her, to touch her, I wanted to comfort her, and I wanted her to be with me.

She continued to cry, her Tids sobs sending waves of hurt through my body every time. I looked up at her with a look of wonder on my face, for a few seconds Tidus and wakka sex stories stood there in a daze, not knowing what waka do, should I, or shouldn't I. What If Tifus hated me? But yet what if feeling my lips on hers wamka be the greatest feeling she could ever live through, just like it would be for me. But I didn't have all the time in the world here, my time ajd with Yuna was limited, and I needed to ease her pain somehow. She raised her head answering to her name and widened her eyes as she saw the look atories my eyes.

She knew what I wanted, she could Tidud all the passion in my eyes, and she looked scared almost. Without a second thought I descended my lips storjes hers. They were soft and gentle, and smooth under my lips, as I gently kissed her, she tensed for a second, but it wasn't long before she gave in, the feeling was like nothing I had ever felt, I felt wamka I wanted to melt into the kiss, my whole body tingled, I felt alive, re-energized, I felt like I was in heaven. She began kissing me back softly, but she was, and I tightly wrapped my arms around her protectively as the kiss became a little more intense. I was wwkka, yet hazed, I couldn't believe this was wakks happening, that I was kissing the woman I loved, in the most Tidus and wakka sex stories spring I had ever seen, and for that short time… maybe we both forgot.

I felt her knees get a little weak, didn't blame her, I was about to collapse myself, I held onto her tighter as her knees forgot their purpose, but despite this, she fell, and took me with her. As we traveled down through the water she wrapped her arms around my neck tightly, passionately kissing me back, her body on top of mine as we floated down further and further, just how deep was this spring? It was amazing how my thoughts were completely clean and innocent, I didn't want to do anything but caress her face, touch her hair, hold her hand, I just wanted to be with her. We clasped hands and pulled back from the kiss, I gazed down at her lovingly seeing a great happiness in her eyes.

I took both her hands and floated her out onto her back to look into her eyes, I couldn't get enough of it. We floated in that position for a while until I reached out to run my fingers through her soft silken hair which shone from the light of the moon. She gently placed her hand on my cheek and lazily ran her fingers through my hair. I shut my eyes, this situation was perfect. We looked at each other for a while, curiosity in both of our eyes. Passion, love, happiness, until I couldn't take it anymore and met her lips again.

We floated through the water wrapped around each other, and I couldn't help but swing my legs through the water gently as we kissed, with my hands wrapped around her small waist. I resurfaced with my arm wrapped around Yuna; we both took a much needed breath and smiled at each other shyly as we walked out of the spring to dry off. We sat there in silence on the bank, for most of the time observing the beauty. I listened to her comment, somewhat hurt by it and turned around instinctively to see if Khimari was still watching over us, I sighed with relief when I saw his spot empty She nodded and smiled.

She wasn't aloud to get away with talking like that. I raised my eyebrows and she let out a small smile. It sounded like a great idea to the summoner. About to open her mouth to agreed, there was a loud crash from the kitchen, "Yunie! Help your cousin before she breaks all of my plates! She stopped just short, and turned around again, getting stares from the two men as she put the things down to grabbed the weapon holster from the back of her chair, "Forgot my guns. Yuna then stopped it as the grip fell into the palm of her hand, pulling the hammer back and firing a shot across the patio. The bullet hit the high wall of the next building over, ricocheted off the masonry into Lulu's garden to hit another plastered wall and scare a cat before rebounding off and up to hit a tile just on the edge of the roof.

She blew the smoke from the barrel, and twirled the gun again before holstering it. Tidus's mouth had dropped open at the display, staring as her as she picked up the stack of things again. There was an unquestionable look of desire in the deep blue depths of Tidus's eyes, and it made a shiver run down her spine. About to say something else to him, she was cut short as they heard Paine, "Yuna! Tidus jumped, yelping in pain while rubbing the abused portion of his body. As if getting slapped on the back after every other joke that night by his much stronger buddy wasn't back enough.

The blitzballer glared back, meeting Wakka's own dark look, "Geez, you'd think a baby in your arms would make you just a bit gentler. As happy as he was for the both of them, the older man still couldn't get over his protectiveness when it came to Yuna. Tidus blinked, playing innocent, "What? Or the way she handled that gun? I'm more afraid of her corrupting me. His little Yuna had sunk pretty low from the heights of saintly virtue to save them all, and to bring back the man she loved. She may have lost some of her innocence along the way, but she would always be the girl he was friends with since they were little.

For her happiness, maybe he could cut her man a little slack now, or maybe he couldn't, "Just don't do any stupid to her is what I'm saying, I don't wanna chuck a few balls at your head during practice to grind a lesson into you. Everyone on Besaid must have given them something for their table which, while practical for the amount of guests they usually had, made cleaning them all a chore. The four women worked in silence with the occasion mishap from her hapless cousin or snide remark from Paine. It would have been a pleasant enough if it wasn't for a certain someone waiting for her to finish.

Determined, she wiped down another plate quickly, tossing it at Lulu who was putting them away.

Rikku glanced over at them sotries giggled before going back to rinsing the dishes as Paine wkka them. She picked up another piece to drying, thinking the moment had znd, till the little blond girl's gradually louder storiez became too much. What could possibly be so funny? The color in the gunslinger's shories rose to a red resembling one of Lulu's terra cotta bowls, and even Paine had to snicker. Yuna glared daggers at stiries both, only seeming to make Rikku's laughter worse. This is Tidus after all you're talking about," she said as she furiously wiped down another piece of pottery, her znd flaring, "I'm sure he knows he's.

Aex was she kidding? It seemed they all knew already, so there was no point in hiding it. He pumped slowly, kissing Tidus tenderly, feeling Tidus slowly start to relax. He pushed more of himself in, earning a slight whimper from Tidus. After another minute, Tidus was relaxed enough for him to completely sheathe himself in Tidus' hot passage. After a short while, Tidus tentatively thrusted up, causing Wakka to moan. Wakka grasped his hips, slowly pulling out and then thrusting back in quickly, brushing Tidus' prostate. Wakka was all too happy to comply, thrusting in and out at a powerful rate. As Tidus' ass squeezed his length, Wakka could feel himself getting close.

Slowing his pace, he moved one of his hands to Tidus' erection, pumping it in time with his thrusts. The combined pleasures quickly took Tidus over the edge, covering Wakka's hand. Tidus' ass muscles clenching around Wakka caused him to follow soon after. He thrust in deep, moaning as he spilled his essence into his new lover. Collapsing onto Tidus, he rolled them over and licked his had clean. Surprised, Wakka replied, "No, she's like a sister! Ever since I saw you, I've wanted you. As he pulled away, he murmured, "love you, too. He yawned, and, closing his eyes, drifted off to sleep. Lulu giggled, lying in Auron's arms in the next room.

Rolling her eyes, she pulled him into a kiss. Please be kind, as this is my fist ever lemon, and my first yaoi fic ever. Plus, I am female, so I don't know if i did everything okay.

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