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Want To Change The Face Of Politics? Help Teens Register To Vote.

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San Francisco's Measure C passed, however. It will tax the city's top corporations to fund homeless services. The measure will impose a gross receipts tax of about 0. Half of the money will be earmarked for housing; 15 percent will go toward prevention of homelessness, such as eviction defense; 10 percent will be devoted to emergency shelters; and 25 percent will be devoted to mental health services. She said she believes the city should first inventory its current homeless services and needs and make sure there is greater accountability for the influx of money that will come in. It's right on the edge of the two-thirds majority needed for passage.

Again, there is overlap between a statewide initiative in California and local measures. Proposition 10 would have repealed a state law that limits cities' power to impose rent control.

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Voting Age and Method Voting methods and the voting age were up for debate in several jurisdictions. There was no organized opposition to the measure. Currently, three Maryland cities allow citizens as young as 16 to vote in local elections, while Berkeley allows voters that young to participate in school board elections. The idea is pending before the Washington, D. They adopted "approval voting," which was used in medieval times to select popes and is sometimes used by associations to pick boards, but has never been used in American electoral politics. Here's how it works: Everyone would vote for as many candidates as they want. If there are four candidates for the city commission, you can vote for one, two, three or all four of them.

In contrast with ranked-choice voting, which has been adopted in a couple dozen cities, each vote would count the same. The person with the highest total would win. An eligible voter - a U. The voting process is regulated by each state individually and therefore varies from state to state.

This process was first introduced in Arizona in Early voting is available in 33 states goovernment Washington D. This must be governmejt in person at a designated polling place. Early voting period lengths vary votinf state to state. In 20 states, an excuse must be filed to receive the absentee ballot. In Washington, Oregon and Colorado all voting is done through the mail. Inonly 43 percent of eligible to year-olds votedand even fewer voted in the previous midterm elections. If we want more young people to vote, we need to change the laws.

There are more than Given continued Republican restrictions on voting rights, many state legislatures, like the federal government, are unlikely to implement policies to expand voter participation at the state or federal level. As a result, voting rights must be a local imperative. Cities, counties and school districts can and must step up to implement laws and practices that ensure everyone has access to the ballot.

Local policy reform is a promising strategy for extending ovting reforms across the country, particularly those aimed at increasing voter registration and turnout among young voters and voters of color. In this era of resistance, local elected officials, advocates and community groups are stepping up and doing the work to pass local policies that protect immigrant communities, support working families and protect the environment. With the leadership of these young people, local grassroots advocacy and the political will of local elected leaders, cities, counties and school boards can also pass and implement reforms that protect access to the ballot for young folks and the broader community.

School boards could implement policy requiring every school to host semiannual voter registration assemblies where students who will be eligible to vote by the next election are provided registration forms, information and support in filling them out.

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California, for example, passed a law in to get and years-olds preregistered to vote. And with a majority of the U. In Phoenix, organizers at Living United for Change in Arizona regularly go door-to-door registering eligible students in the 27,student Phoenix Union High School district.

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