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This treatment consists of microscopic lasers that can treat large areas of skin at once. They also target both the upper epidermis and middle dermis layers of skin, ensuring deeper scar removal. After treatment, the treated scar turns bronze temporarily before healing. You may need multiple treatments spaced out every other month. According to DermNet New Zealandfour to five treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired effects. Fractional lasers may be used once your breast reduction scars have healed. This prevents potential complications, such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Reduction Surgery scar breast

Sunscreen It's important to wear sunscreen every day, even if your breast scars aren't directly exposed to the sun. UV rays can darken the newly created scar tissue after surgery. This will make the scars darker than the rest of your skin, thereby making them more noticeable. Can you get the scars removed? The only way to remove scars is through certain surgical procedures. These may be performed by your cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist. Scar removal procedures typically leave a new scar left in place of the previous scar. However, there's a possibility that the new scars will be smaller, finer and hopefully less noticeable.

One method of scar removal is called punch grafting. This procedure is primarily used for extremely deep scars that are smaller in size, but may be numerous and cover a large area. Punch grafting works by plugging in skin from another area of the body such as the ears into the removed scar. The result is a smoother and shallower scar. It is advised to quit smoking starting two weeks before the surgery, continuing until at least two weeks afterward. Reducing the Appearance of Scars The most important factor in reducing the appearance of scars following breast reduction surgery is to follow the postoperative care instructions provided by the plastic surgeon.

Take all pain medication and antibiotics as directed in order to reduce the chances of infection, which may lead to worsening of scars. Always wash the hands with antibacterial soap before changing any surgical dressings or bandages. Once the incisions have fully healed, scar reducing cream can be applied. Will the Results of Breast Reduction Last? After breast reduction, you can expect to enjoy smaller, lighter breasts for a lifetime, so long as you maintain a stable weight and do not have any more children.

However, nothing can stop the normal aging process. Eventually your breasts will probably begin to sag once again, although not as severely as they might have before breast reduction. Also, future pregnancies are likely to change the shape, size, and appearance of your breasts, possibly reversing some of the positive changes made during breast reduction. Lowering the areolar can leave significant scars that are visible when wearing a bikini or low cut top.

Nipple retraction Nipple retraction may also occur following breast reduction surgery. This usually occurs due to the reducrion of gravity on Shrgery healed glandular tissue. Nipple retraction is however, surgically correctable. Surgery breast reduction scar shape Massive weight loss patients tend rediction lose a significant amount of glandular tissue, however, the surrounding skin does not change. As a result, reductino breasts tend to sag and lose projection. A Sufgery may opt to have the breast volume increased and this can be achieved using standard ecar techniques. Alternatively, a breast lift may Sugery performed to improve the breast shape.

Conversely, patients with significant weight Sudgery tend to increase their breast volume. These patients may opt for a secondary breast reduction, which can be performed through their previous scars. It is important that patients who are prone to weight fluctuations achieve a stable weight, which should be maintained for at least one year, before undergoing further breast reduction surgery. Patients' responses to the questionnaire had no impact on medical management. Our standard of care for reduction mammaplasty is to utilize the most appropriate technique for each patient to achieve outstanding aesthetic and functional results in a safe manner.

Although the senior author offers patients only the horizontal or the vertical reduction technique, the Wise pattern was included in this study to provide a more comprehensive assessment of the 3 most common techniques used in North America. The questionnaire results were unknown to the senior author during the consultation and were kept anonymous. This minimized the potential for an ethical dilemma in which the surgeon would potentially perform a procedure that the patient had previously judged to yield unsatisfactory scars. To illustrate the location of visible scars, each patient was shown line drawings and representative postoperative photographs of the typical results of reduction mammaplasty with each of the 3 techniques Figures 1 — 3.

Since the primary objective of the study was to evaluate the scars visible to the patient, the number of drawings and photographs was kept to a minimum, which also avoided redundancy. Figure 1 A Illustration of the horizontal pattern of breast reduction. B Preoperatively, this year-old woman complained of back pain and skin rashes along the inframammary fold. She is shown 3 months after undergoing the horizontal technique of breast reduction.

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