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Should you remove wallpaper -- or just paint over it?

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According to wallpaper home improvement experts, as well as the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, wallpaper should be removed before painting Srrip possible, as you'll experience better results and fewer problems down the road [source: For some people looking Srtip replace their existing wallpaper with paint, stripping the paper simply may not be an option. Make sure the water is hot Do wallpapee scald yourself every time. Quick Wallpaper Stripping Checklist Protect your walls and floors with dust sheets and protective coverings Score lines in the paper on the wall to allow the water to penetrate Fill a bucket with hot water and add some washing up liquid Sponge the soapy water on to your walls and allow to soak for half an hour Repeat the soaking process again Get stuck in with your scraper and scrape the paper off the wall Using a Steam Wallpaper Stripper For particularly stubborn papers, especially those with paint on, its a lot easier and far more effective to use a steam stripper.

The hot steam does the same job as the hot water above and "melts" the wall paper adhesive.

Wallpaper Strip

Protect Your Floors and Furnishings First you must protect your floor and furnishings if they are to stay in Syrip room. The traditional method usually involves buckets of warm water. Stripping wallpaper easily and quickly depends on getting to the paste underneath the paper and rendering it in such a way that it dissolves very easily. We always use one, whatever the paper or conditions.

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After all, we've all heard horror stories about wallpaper removalranging from drywall that crumbled as the paper was removed to homeowners who peeled away dozens of layers of paper only to find more underneath. Be patient and let it soak in again for a while. Use a polythene dust sheet wherever possible as there is usually a great deal of water around. Score the Paper With a Hobby Knife Using a hobby knife, score lines in the paper to break the surface.

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