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That you would let him? No harm no foul? Your my best friend. I don't mind sharing Dale with you at all. I masturbate because it feels good, they must do what they do because it Sex rescue gadget good. If you want I can send him out here for you. I think I would like that a lot. Do you mind Gadget, if I borrow Chip tonight? Show him a few tricks to slow down, and take his time? What are friends for? When she entered Chip was reading a mystery novel as usual. Dale was watching a monster movie, as usual. You have seen this movie ten times this week alone! Go help Gadget with what ever she wants or I'll bonk you so hard your grandparents will feel it! Dale, you heard Chip go help Gadget with what ever she wants.

Dale sulked one final time. He then hurried to the hanger with his tail wagging. Gadget would explain everything to him, and he would not hesitate. Not now that she had given him her approval. After they had left. Foxglove went over to Chip. Dale should be back soon enough.

I'm sure the two of you can stay awake together. It would be so relaxing for me if you were to slowly rub my neck and wings. Then maybe you could-" Chip chuckled at that idea. The last thing you need is to relax on a bed if your supposed to stay awake Foxglove. You might fall asleep. I'm sure Dale will be happy to give you a massage, but with your head injury we need to keep you away from a bed for the night. Drastic times call for drastic measures! Now, are you going to sit back and enjoy this, or do I have to get rough? Chip looked to the door leading to the hanger.

So do you want to help me stay awake here, or do you want to go to your bed room for some privacy. Do you think it's difficult for Penny to let her uncle have all the credit for the work she does?

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The first relates to women within an age group being banned from the sanctum sanctorum of Sabarimala temple. Gxdget the second, priests have been booked gdaget blackmailing a woman, abusing her resche. Differences of religion apart, the victims in both instances are women. And that is a serious issue; for what imperils women endangers humanity itself. It is our considered opinion that the real issue is being overlooked in both instances. Courts are equipped to deal only with legal aspects, but religion is more than law. This should not be misinterpreted to mean that faith is above facts. Only blind faith is. And blind faith is a curse on humanity. The two cases point to symptoms of religious disarray.

Currently, only random symptoms are being addressed. Our eyes are shut firmly against the disease.

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