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The Geographical Journal 93 4: The surface movement of blown sand in relation to meteorology. Measurement of very low velocities of water flow.

An approach to the sediment transport problem from general physics. The shearing and dilation of dry sand and obttoms "singing" mechanism. The nature and correlation of random distributions. Committee on wave pressures: Journal of the Institute of Civil Engineers 15 The Geographical Journal 78 1: Early days of the Long Range Desert Group. Sediment transport by wind and water. The measurement of sand storms.

The Assault Journal 1—2: Dedans of the Different Society of Cumberland A.

Some problems of desert physics. Response to presentation of the Penrose Medal. Grain structure of sand dunes in relation to water content. Fluid transport on Earth and aeolian transport on Mars.

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A further journey through the Libyan Desert. The sand formations in southern Arabia. The Geographical Journal 89 5:

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