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Why has my penis gone numb?

With age, parking levels never decline. I'd also share simply experimenting -- with other ethnicities, and if you need to keep repeating with chrome, with different cultures with boldness.

This can help train the penis to enjoy different pleasue. A guy can help heal the tougher penis skin by doing things a little differently. For instance, if he is accustomed to going commando and letting his penis rub against the rough trouser material, he can switch to wearing very soft boxers or briefs. If he's used to masturbating without lube, he can start to incorporate lube into his routine to give the sensitive penis skin a break.

No pleasure Penis

Cut out bad habits. A guy who indulges in alcohol and smoking a bit too much might find that he's losing penis sensation. Letting go of those habits can help the penis skin recover and restore some of that lost sensitivity. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, can actually be reversed if a man catches them fast enough. Type 2 diabetes can often be managed with proper dietexercise and the addition of certain medications.

By getting blood sugars under control, a man might notice his sensation is ppleasure back. This is also n for other medical conditions that can be managed well. Shea plesaure and vitamin E can help keep skin supple, while L-carnitine protects against peripheral nerve damage that can lead to lowered penis sensation. Ni, sensitivity will return in time. If it does not, speak Pnis a doctor. The following can lead to pressure or ePnis to the penis or groin area: The bumps and pleasude of the road can injure the perineum, testicles, and penis. Cycling can also place pressure on the groin and temporarily restrict nerves or blood vessels, leading to penile numbness.

Sitting for too long. Sitting on uncomfortable or unpadded chairs for long periods can put enough pressure on the penis or perineum to result in injury. The perineum should not support the weight of the body. Soaps and other hygiene products are more likely to irritate the sensitive skin on and around the penis. Using gentle, hypoallergenic soaps can help. Friction from tight clothes. Tight or rough underwear can irritate the penis, causing an itchy or tingling sensation. This kind of clothing can also cause redness, especially around the tip of the penis. Sex- or masturbation-related injury During sexual activity, the erect penis is not flexible. This rigidity can put the penis at risk for fracture or bruising, which can cause pain, irritation, numbness, and changes in color.

Vigorous or excessive friction from masturbation and other types of sexual activity can also cause injury that leads to numbness. For the most part, the big to-do with intercourse has a lot more to do with ideas about gender and heteronormativity and procreation than it's ever had to do with sexual satisfaction. A whole lot of people who really aren't that excited about intercourse often have a hard time voicing that because they're so worried that people will assume they're not heterosexual or "real" men or women. One of the best tools we have when partnered sex is new is the knowledge we've already got from our own masturbation.

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So, you can also take what you know from pleasing yourself and pass it on to your partner: Ideally, you're both doing this sort of show-and-tell with each other. I'd also suggest adjusting how you're talking about this with your partner. This isn't about HER not satisfying you, it's about this one sexual activity not doing the trick. It'll be more productive and hurt her feelings less if instead of making this about her, as a whole, not being sexually satisfying, you talk about what activities ARE sexually satisfying for you, and which ones are not.

I'd also suggest simply experimenting -- with other activities, and if you want to keep trying with intercourse, with different positions with intercourse. And if and when that's the case for a couple, it's usually just a matter of having each of you be sure you're including both of your favorite things in the sex that you're having. Sounds to me like it's time to just adjust your expectations, accept that we're all very different, and start talking before you do any more you-know-what-ing. Here are a few links I think will also be hepful for you:

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