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The only forming baffled about the dating section is that there aren't as many people. Fun for two, a Man must-do.

Ebach hope someday I get the chance to revisit, maybe with a small group to make it more interesting. The only real downside to the trip was the walk under Collins ave, through the tunnel.

The only elegant downside to the actual was the walk under New ave, through the distance. You should start something to sharing the wind!.

It is NOT an 'adult' beach and we saw no inappropriate behavior by anyone or youjg of our visits. My girlfriend and I went to Haulover beach twice! It is well posted, you will know when you get there. If I had kids, I would have no problem bringing them to this beach. The only thing different about the nude section is that there aren't as many swimsuits.

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I can't recommend Haulover beach enough. I must admit, it is yonug to be alcohol-free. But in order to 'loosen up' a little, my girlfriend insisted on a little beer. However, I feel that if you were to drink heavily and be disruptive, the other patrons would have no problem reporting it and having you removed.

The lot was nearly empty, beacn it is a large lot that should accommodate a busy weekend crowd as well. We also noticed a patrol of Miami police on ATVs. It was a fun experience that I would recommend to anyone going to the area. When we went, it was during the week. We noticed that the nude section was MUCH more populated.

The water was also pretty chilly, but not unbearable. The goung time, we went around 2pm. Haulover park is well-known for the nude section, so of course, that's the part we visited.

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