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2017 Northeastern Midget Association

Assov the us is all set, chopper for Dias to be a question. That time it was a tow to the beginning of Vietnam at Wiscassett War.

In the Lites race, Ryan Locke had the second big test of the day at his home track. He had started the day with his high school finals and finished the day being tested by another Star Speedway local, Jim Chambers.

Assoc Midget

Mudget aced this test by beating Chambers to the line and Richie Coy picked up first podium finish of the year. The Boston Louie at Seekonk was next. Randy Cabral became the first four-time winner of that asso event and lead another all Bertrand Motorsports podium, with Aszoc second and Avery, back in the 39 finishing third. This is where Jim Chambers showed his talent as he got around leader Mike Horn in lapped traffic to take the win. Mike had an impressive second place finish and John Zych was third. Avery Stoehr put him to the test late in the race, but Jake showed confidence and talent beyond his years to hold off Stoehr and take the historic win.

Avery was second and yet another podium finish for Richie Coy. Back up the coast to Wiscassett the next week and another long-distance race for the Lites and Ryan Locke showed how experience is paying off by leading most of the event and going on to an impressive win.

Dias traumatic that he had been protracted new equipment for a more time and was quite unusual to upgrade his car. Carlson made the most his boner, giver a 2nd at Showing Pussy and a win at Monadknock Clip.

His second of Podium regulars Richie Coy was second and Danny Cugini third. Randy Cabral was second and John Zych third. The next week saw a quick change in the schedule as President Tim Bertrand worked into the night on Friday to find us a place to race after Waterford was abruptly closed for the weekend. We ended up at Monadnock and Jim Chambers ended up in victory lane, followed by the same drivers that finished second and third the week before, Randy and John Zych. Ben Mikitarian finished a season high second and Dan Cugini third.

Todd Bertrand aboard the team's 47 took down the win, with Randy in second and Avery in third making it another all Bertrand Motorsports podium after a hotly contested race right through the field. Pennsylvania's Matt Janisch was second in the lites followed by "Mr. Heavy hearts at Thompson for the next one as we remembered Shane Hammond at his annual memorial race. For this special 10th anniversary, Shane's brother Anthony and mom Deb brought out Shane's original 37 to mark the event. Chambers won the Lites portion of the weekend in a back and forth battle with Avery Stoehr.

Carlson competes in mountain bike races throughout the year, most recently competing in November with fellow DMA driver Adam Whitney. Plans for the new year: DMA recently announced their schedule, and Carlson plans to be at every event as he chases the DMA championship this upcoming season. Carlson will return to drive the Matczak 2 Beast quad On DMA off weeks, Carlson will keep busy racing on both two and four wheels. After a wreck at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park destroyed Carlson and Feigel's chassis, Bertrand offered Carlson to drive his 47 car for two races.

Carlson made the most his opportunity, scoring a 2nd at Star Speedway and a win at Monadknock Speedway. The race track isn't the only place Carlson plans on competing this summer. After purchasing a new mountain bike, Carlson will compete in select mountain bike races on off weekends from racing Like us on Facebook Dias slides through turn 4 at Bear Ridge Speedway Next Race: The primary goal for Manny Dias was improving from his campaign.

Dias returned to DMA for his second season running full time in Dias came back with the same equipment he had before, a Ellis chassis paired with a Quad 4 engine. When it came time for the season opener, Manny was ready. The drivers at Bear Ridge Speedway were presented with a tacky track soaked with water from spring time rains. After placing second in his heat race, Manny continued his opening day success by rocketing into the lead when the green flag dropped. He led 19 laps before an incident with the second-place car resulted in Dias losing the lead, finishing second in the opener. He showed the ability to run at the front of the pack with good speed, posting multiple heat race wins to accompany a dash win.

Dias only finished outside of the top ten twice in the en-route to a 7th place finish in the standings. After a Midvet years, Dias can analyze the track like he's been driving on dirt for his entire career. If were all racing on the same track, a race is a race and its fun. This season brings big change for Dias, as his Ellis chassis will be replaced with a Spike chassis. Dias said that he had been wanting new equipment for a long time and was finally able to upgrade his car. Dias also rebuilt his Quad 4 engine and will be pairing that with his new chassis for the upcoming season.

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