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Maybe even have A. Sarnowski projects to have entertaining Mencia permission to use the santa. Now you have a dot com like me.

He also claimed he had a physical altercation with Mencia over the alleged plagiarism. Comedian Ted Sarnowski countered this claim, stating that the joke he performed on radio in was later taken and used without permission by Lopez, the radio station's resident comic. Sarnowski claims to have given Mencia permission to use the joke. In his special, No Strings Attached, Mencia performs a bit about a father who spends years training his son for a career as a football player, only to see the son say "I love you, Mom! Cosby performed a similar bit in his concert film Bill Cosby: Himself and wrote briefly on the subject in his book Fatherhood.

Mencia told the Los Angeles Times that he had never seen the film but regretted the similarities between his and Cosby's jokes. When faced with the prospect of being assaulted, he admits, "I took credit for it because I'm not actually funny! I should not have insulted you, because in my religion, cows are sacred! So take my cheese and your magazine and get the park out of my store! To a would-be robber Robber: Give me the money. Open the register, move! You better think twice about robbing me, because you are on camera my friend. No, I sprayed it. Men don't wear dee dots. This is a camera my friend pointing to his forehead.

Now you have a dot just like me. Let us play a game. We are going quail hunting.

Carlos is not difficult midyet lonely and does more cheating then jokes. Instalment Krishna, Please oh me for I gunman what I am about to say. To a would-be planner Building:.

I am the Vice-President, and you are my best friend. And for all mifget you at home, you are all welcome to visit my store. You are also welcome to park off you motherparking parks, and go park yourself. But remember, don't park in a handicapped spot. From Judge Carlos[ edit ] Mencia: A family is suing Seaworld because they found their 27 year old son, dead and naked, in Shamu's pen.

Look if you're 27 and you're still living at home with your mom and dad you need to kill yourself. The lawsuit also contends that the gifts at the gift shop don't show the nature of these vicious animals. Yeah, what part of the words "killer whale" do you not understand. If I told you there were some killer Mexicans living next door you wouldn't want to hang out with them. Can I get an amen? What do you say, ghost of Johnny Cochran? If you swim with the fishes, you dead sons of bitches. Judge Carlos rules in favor of SeaWorld and orders the records to be sealed.

Because I don't even want to think about what he was doing in Shamu's pen. The whale probably killed him in self-defense. From Confucius Carlos[ edit ] Young Woman: Confucius Carlos as a vegetarian I believe that all of god's creatures are sacred, what can we do to stop people from eating poor defenseless animals? Meat has protein, protein makes testosterone, testosterone makes guys want to bang you! So do you really want guys to stop eating meat? Unless you are 'softball player', I suggest you go home and make your man a big fat steak for dinner so he'll have some of your pie for dessert. Confucius Carlos Has spoken.

Mifget is only vegetarian, because she has never tasted any of my meat. Menciz you have question for Confucius Carlos? Nope, I'm on my way up to the top of Mount Everest. Well I have question for you, why do white guys do crazy shit like climb a mountain? I cant express my gratitude to Comedy Central though. This idiot's show is done. Personally after watching his standup, I don't know how he got his own show in the first place.

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There are so many more deserving comics like Jim Gafigan, Zach Galifinakis, etc In fact anyone is better than this fool. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Mind of Mencia is supposed to be the replacement for Chappelle's Show. Dave is comic genius. Carlos is just repetitive and limited and does more complaining then jokes. I've been reading these reviews saying its such a fantastic show and all. Its not that great. There wouldn't have been anybody who could do better then Chappelle, but there are people out there who could just as well or close.

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