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11 Best Paying Jobs for Teens

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Especially during the warm summer months. You can work in hotels, offices, and other spaces. Receive jobs in your inbox Sign Up with Facebook.

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Babysitter A babysitting role is ideal if you take care of younger forr or cousins, or if you simply have a knack for entertaining children and keeping them safe. Product Merchandiser These are the folks on the sales floor of a shop — restocking shelves, taking inventory, styling display mannequins, handing out samples, or demoing the latest lotion or fragrance. Caddy If you love the outdoors and golf, this is a perfect job for you. They make sure store operations are running smoothly.

Cor Neat freaks unite! Who knows, you may end up carrying bags for the next Tiger Woods maybe even Tiger Woods himself. Whatever you do, pet sitting is rewarding for animal lovers. However, this role requires responsibility and you have to look out for dangerous situations. Look into any after-school or recreational programs at your school, other schools near you, or the local library.

However, if local and state laws allow, you can perform other duties like print labels or enter patient information into the database. Landscaper Lawn care is another job suited for you if you love being outside. You may even board the pet at your home, if possible. You can even tutor online! Teens can become caretakers even without a medical license.

Teens Jogs for

Plus, all the Jofs and equipment lifting makes for a great workout! Pharmacy Associate Working at a pharmacy is particularly interesting if you aspire to be a pharmacy technician post-college. You can apply your knowledge to tutoring youth or your peers. You will need a lifeguard certification from the American Red Cross, which can be completed at age This job is an excellent way to develop a bond with others.

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