Horry county sex offenders

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Horry County Sheriff's Office

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Sex offenders county Horry

Agent Loskill says you can't predict where sex offenders will strike, but he says very few of the offenders on his watch commit repeat offenses, maybe only 5 of the 85 he oversees. Some of those people are listed as "homeless" or list an address that is just a parking lot or a street. In a three-mile radius of the station, there are registered sex offenders. That's only a 28 percent increase in these crimes for the entire county as compared to Myrtle Beach. That's triple the number of registered sex offenders in May Dozens of registered sex offenders do not have addresses Multiple sex offenders report as homeless, give parking lots for address to police By Erin Edwards August 8, at 9: Horry County police, in that same time, investigated sex crimes.

He says it's actually less expensive to do that rather than send them back behind bars. Anyone who fears that a sex offender is breaking the law, they can email, call, or give an anonymous tip to the Horry County Sheriff's Office. Unfortunately, Loskill learned the offender may not be playing by the rules. The new Horry County law, which went into effect last month, requiring registered sex offenders to not live less than feet away from schools and public parks only applies to new offenders who locate to those areas, not offenders who are "grandfathered" into the system.

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Loskill says as long as a sexual offense is not repeated, the goal is to keep offenders out of jail. Agent Loskill tells us the offender who admitted to using drugs will be under increased supervision, and increased drug and alcohol testing. The county's busiest zip codes for sex crimes wereand

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