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The best part was our ability to spend quality time with friends and not be interrupted by the outside world. This offered a real opportunity catch up on life, free of time restraints. Great for Gay Bear Runs 7. Great for bear runs Have you ever heard of a bear run? While many of these runs take place around widely advertised events, some are specifically campground related. While some of that is true, gay camping offers different options! If you want to go the traditional route, you can head someplace like the Hillside Campgrounds in Pennsylvania.

Men camping Gay

But if you want more of a resort type feel, you can scoot over to Venus Florida to Camp Mars! Bring your pet dog! Pet Friendly One of the reasons many vacations never happen is because of pets. Most campgrounds make a real effort to accommodate pets. The final reason you should go on a gay camping trip is for the fun factor.

Outside the campground be dressed. Showers are meant aGy cleaning yourself quickly. They can be used from Visitors are welcome and pay the Man Rate. You have to report visitors. Dogs can be taken for a walk on the plantation. In case you have questions, problems, wishes you can ask Peter or Wim. Please respect their privacy.

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Dont's For your enjoyment and others Never disturb the employees who work on the plantation in any indecent way! All openly visible sexual acts are forbidden. The sewer pipe is m long to the street. Never abuse it for non degradable materials. Drugs of any kind are strongly forbidden. Not reported, though at the field: If you like to, Peter or Wim can give a comprehensive tour over the campground and it's facilities. They can help with putting up the tent and other difficult start up things. They can tell you about the do's and don'ts on the campground.

In this friendly and relaxed way you get to know the advantages of camping. About Holland Men Camp is for every man to enjoy life now. A full service campground with the top services Rent a Tent. Look for much more at. Gay camping near Toronto proves that gay folks don't just like to take over entire cities and smother them with happiness and love - sometimes, just like everyone else, we like to take it easy and get away. Queers like to pitch a tent as much as the next straight dad or uncle. And sometimes, we like to do it surrounded by bears and other members of the extended family. I went here last summer, and can tell you it's like a hilarious gay sitcom.

So many characters and situations. There's a great outdoor pool and bar, a fantastic restaurant if you need more than hot dogs, a giant barn for weekend dances and cabin rental options for the real queens. First off, book now. Secondly, there's a sling in the forest.

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