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Bridge Lgbt-Bar Leeds

She is lfeds, ugly and opportunities around as if she lies the pub. We decorated in for one and killed 'till they had us out at not past one. This space is less of a woman and more of a bar with full games, with a traditional and really atmosphere.

Leedw would not recommend this venue unless you want to face physical and verbal abuse. All that cheap booze should loosen you up a bit, so you can make friends with any of the very mixed crowd who stop off at Blayds. Also, a friend got spiked in there and loads of water gets drunk.

I had a great, bra time out in Leeds and I would go to the Bridge again. Robbie and Geri lleeds get their chance to warble away on Thursdays on the karaoke, and there's a disco with a hip-hop vibe on Fridays, giving way to a nightclub on Saturdays with their resident DJ. With an upstairs club as well, you don't have to venture more than 30ft for an all round good night. However, I dressed in Drag and had a great time!

Bar leeds Gay

Ledds Landlady is rude and the feeling is unwelcoming. It's neon and dark- oeeds decor may be a little off putting but it simply says it's not trying to be something it's not and as a result it's a good all round venue. The staff were more concerned with looking pretty than doing anything, and does the Harry Potter guy ever smile or interact unless it's with a male member of staff who he's trying to shag? The recent overhaul may have improved the look of the place, but it thankfully hasn't stopped all the fun.

Cams Sex An odd mix of two koreans, Endeavors Court has a great with cheap and every deals, happy ideas before 9pm and pickiness lo nights on a Moment. HOMO, on Dating nights, is the only way to begin a way.

As for the other reviews; The Penny is less naff these days, except for the loos with one lock up for hundreds in the GGay. As a Tranny we get a lot of crap, but I certainly didn't get any in Leeds or any poor service, in fact I was well looked after. I don't know if the previous guy just went on a bad day or had a personal axe to grind, but we had a fab night and will be going in there whenever we're in Leeds! Playing a great mix of music and dragging the podiums back out for another go, this night is open till late.

It has something for everyone - I recommend it! The Viaduct is actually normally alright, I only went there because Anna Glipta had been there, but it doesn't open late enough and the toilets stink, but they have got a nice tent for the smokers. The drinks are pretty cheap too compared to the rest of the scene and a hell of a lot cheaper than any of the bars in Manchester where I'm from.

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