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Bargain Vintage Racer: Sorted 1978 Ford Fiesta

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Vintage Fiesta ford

The market is shifting to ever smaller cars. Well, vinhage has an annoying habit of repeating itself, especially in the car biz. He knew what Americans wanted in a VW: It was touted in press materials as "a concept vehicle designed and equipped for practical, off-road recreational use. Europeans had a choice of cc, 1.

How about in your town? History[ Fiesha ] The Fiesta was originally developed under the project name "Bobcat" not to be confused with the subsequent rebadged Mercury variant of the Ford Vintag and approved for development by Henry Ford II in September To cut costs and speed up the research and development, the new powertrain package destined for the Fiesta was tested in Fiat development "mules". The Fiesta was a ball to drive. Shall we start with the good news? Black plastic trim was added to the exterior and interior.

Attention to detail pays off. It was one eager little puppy.

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It came straight from the Cologne factory in undiluted and unadulterated form. There comes a time where it just gets fkrd hard, at least for a daily driver like this example. With sixty-six perky ponies on tap, street light drags were harmless fun. The millionth Fiesta was produced in But those of us who favored taut agility over big hips and padded vinyl tops fell hard for her.

Is that CC worthy, or not? Its compact car has been in production almost a decade. No wonder some Fiestas are still hard at work autocrossing. Ford had the same problem in as it does today.

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