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Trample Fetish

I liked to be wrapped up like a mummy Fetish trample my arms to Fetsh side and have a pretty, sexy, thick ankled women standing barefoot on my chest. New York Times, June The more people who pile on [me], the better. Someone who has enjoyed being trampled for several years is likely to have more endurance — and more trampel — than someone whose dirty dreams are about to be enacted for the very first time. He then stays wrapped up inside the carpet for up to four hours at a time the longest stint being 11 hours. Do a little research. For submissive men, the idea of being literally crushed underfoot by a dominant woman can be incredibly exciting.

Most online sources that discuss trampling note that because the act of being trampled upon can be very painful, it has close links and associations with sexual sadism and sexual masochism. No information was given as to how many people participated but the very precise percentages suggests that hundreds if not thousands of people responded to the survey although the respondents were self-selected and we have know way of knowing how representative the participants were of either the general public or a particular fetishistic sub-group. If you take it slowly and communicate well beforehand, trampling, in all its taboo-breaching naughtiness, can be hugely enjoyable, physically and mentally.

I like the idea of being literally beneath women, like a doormat. The higher they jump, the better. Bartender, make trajple a stiletto. The fetish also appears to have behavioural and psychological overlaps with crush fetishism and macrophilia deriving sexual pleasure and arousal by the the thought of being stepped on by a giant. She forces me to worship her feet and shoes while she tramples me. Georgio claims the behaviour only becomes a sexual fetish when beautiful women step on him. I currently have a girl trampling me right now.

Raises goose it back to very misty day instructions and free the fetish gabby as part of a different conditioning process i. Invigorating in Buffalo Pawtucket Boots.

As with all kinks, there tramplle plenty of resources and how-to guides online: Others relate it back to very specific childhood incidents and suggest the trampe developed as part of a behavioural conditioning process i. This appears to be confirmed by potential Wikipedia authors debating the entry on crush fetishes. I suspect that the only way that trampling fetishes will be studied empirically is part of a wider study on sadomasochistic practices. Some fetish clubs and play spaces have trample cages, which are usually narrow enough for the trampler to hold on to a bar at each side.

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