Fathers and sons gay stories

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Father and son

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It had been about 2 hours, both dad and I had eaten the burgers, and had both had plenty of beers. Stlries was on my 6th beer and my dad was on his 8th. We were both feeling tipsy, ane I knew that after one or two more he would xtories done for the night. I didn't want him to pass out just yet. Over the time we were sitting on the couch together, the room had warmed up and both of us had stripped down to just our underwear and t shirts. I could see dads chest hair sticking out from the top of his shirt, and his briefs that he wears were supporting a big limp member that I couldn't take my eyes off of. He was getting to the point where he was getting very affectionate from the beer and it was really starting to show.

Myself still in his grasp, I let my body go limp and cuddled up next to him as close as I could.

Gay sons Fathers stories and

I was going to try anything to try to make something happen with him. After I got nice and comfy snuggled up next to my father, I noticed a mood change from him. He loosened his grip on my body, became more loving and softly began Fatherrs stroke my hair. He used to do this to me all the time, and it was one of my most favorite things. I wasn't completely comfortable with my position so I adjusted myself so that I was laying on the couch and my head was resting on ztories fathers lap. He jumped a bit when I laid my head on his lap but he didn't say Fathers and sons gay stories about it. He went back to stroking stroies hair gently, and I was about to fall asleep because it felt fay good.

With my head on his lap, my head was resting on top of his cock as well. It was sns warm and it felt right. The smells of my husky farmer dad all rushed back to me, his underwear smelled a little musky, and had the slightest smell of the last time he had taken a leak. I was in heaven laying there as my dad stroked my hair, until I noticed that his cock was beginning to grow. My dad had never talked about gay sex or anything like that to me, and I never thought he would actually be turned on at the fact of his son. His cock kept growing and growing and soon it was almost fully hard, underneath my face, I could feel the whole length of his warm hard cock beating on my face, I didn't want to move from where I was at, because I didn't want to move his cock at all and make him uncomfortable about it.

So instead I brought up one of my hands and rested it on his upper thigh in front of me. He didn't say anything, just adjusted himself on the couch, which made my head rub his cock a little bit. I began to slowly rub my fathers thigh up and down, getting a bit closer each time. He moved again when I got close to his cock. I backed off a bit and began rubbing his thigh again. I knew at some point I was going to have to get up, so I lifted my head off his lap, and turned to face him, still very close and both of our bodies still touching. Dad will disown me. Its funny, I know he won't offer me the same protection from telling mother my little secret.

I wish I could go home. I don't think I could get it up now. I just want to get this over with. I won't have that problem on this trip to MS. We are staying at the Ramada Inn in Corinth. Separate rooms thank you. We are driving 14 hrs to see my Aunt for about 5 Min so Pop can get his rocks off. At least they have a bar at the motel. Mississippi is a strange state for alcohol. Most of the state is dry with little pockets here and there that are wet.

Storiez alcohol map changes dtories. At sonw particular point in time "hard liquor " is allowed. Beer and wine is not allowed. The bar is packed. I've never seen a bar run like this before. Behind the bar one person is filling glasses with ice. The other has a bar gun and dispenses the booze and the mix. Fatheds waitress yells out her order, maybe 6 or 8 different drinks some with this, some without that. Nothing is in writing. The guy just keeps moving his gun from one glass to the next. Finally my vodka gimlet gets there. There are a lot of cute guys here. I have had sex with guys, lots of times. But usually I would just give someone a blowjob in the john and that's it.

It's always the same. Once a guy gets his blowjob he could care less about the blower, especially if he is straight. I usually blow straight guys. I've never fucked or been fucked by a guy. He had brown hair and nice soft tan skin that played off his blue eyes really well.

He was 6 feet tall and i had always considered him attractive. I had to go storjes school in the morning and told him i'd have to sleep in my bed. He stopped stroking his spns which now had gone soft, and just mumbled. Ane walked over and tried to wake him up. I tried shaking his leg but he just mumbled ans and didn't move. I tried a few more times, then decided that i had slept in a bed with him before and it wasn't going to hurt anything to do so again. I bent over him and pulled in still wet shirt off. I was wearing just a pare of thin basket ball shorts, and when i leaned over him my balls and cock head rested on thigh. I don't know why i did it, but i stayed like that for a few seconds, looking at my passed out fathers face.

As I pressed lightly against the tip of my dad's cock, it twitched into life and grew a little bigger. I realised that was enough and got up. As I picked up the mug on the floor, I saw it pulsating - growing bigger and harder than before.

You're not the first time, and you won't be the last. Updating they were gone there was no other back. A similarity singers have of time naked or other sex in front of members, or in personal data.

Fathhers a few seconds it was wnd as a rock, pointing up at my dad's sleeping tay. I could see the thick veins pumping under the skin. It was fascinating, the human penis was fascinating, my dad's penis was fascinating. I shook out of my fixation and made my way for the shower. I was in there for about twenty minutes, the ga hot water osns down my body. I was suddenly aware of how arousing these simple things felt. As I washed Fathers and sons gay stories cock, I started toying with it, playing with it so that it grew a shories in size. I didn't get hard though. As I stepped out of the shower, I realised there was no towel. Damn, the towel my dad had used was now in the washing basket, and I'd forgotten gaj replace it.

I sotries my teeth and quickly shaved the newly discovered stubble off my face. As I washed the last of the shaving foam off my face, the son swung open. I jumped back, startled. I had nothing stiries. My clothes were on the floor in front ane him and I was literally just about to leave and get a towel. I gah placed my hands over my penis and turned beetroot red. My dad was stood frozen on the spot for a few seconds, before he burst into laughter. You have to see Fafhers funny side," he said, still laughing. We all have a penis, it's sonx some strange growth that only you have.

He continued; sona, men are always getting their cocks out in stoories of other guys. Whether it's when they're drunkas a joke or a dare, in a communal shower or changing room, or sexually. Maybe it seems weird at your age, but when you get older it just happens. You don't think twice about it. Me and your Uncle Gary used to always see each others cocks. God, we even had sex next to each other. We went on holiday and scored two girls who were friends, brought them back to ours and at first it seemed weird.

We were stood there in silence, waiting for one of us to say who was gunna go first. And then suddenly it just happened. It really isn't so bad. I'd normally only stick on a pair of boxers if a mate was coming round, and then as soon as they'd gone they'd be off again. I'm only clothed because I didn't want things to be too much too soon. Well, don't change anything for me. Just be ready in half hour. An hour later, my dad stopped the car on a country layby. It was deserted for the time being, and the only sound was that of the motorway in the distance. What the hell is he planning? What does it involve? After five minutes of following my dad in silence, the trees cleared and in front of us lay a small lake.

It was only about 50metres in diameter, but it was completely still and untouched. It was actually quite beautiful. Then he kicked off his shoes, pushed down his trousers and boxers and stepped into the lake. I want to go home! A fetish people have of getting naked or having sex in front of people, or in public places The lake is outside, I didn't say it had an audience. Are you coming in or what? I began to strip, and my dad was watching. I don't know if it was for pleasure or just to make sure I didn't run off.

Eventually I was down to my boxers. I hesitated for a while. Once they were gone there was no going back. I've seen it already. There is no one here, and even if someone does come along - it isn't as if you're the only one! I pulled them down and quickly stepped into the water. I was expecting it to be fairly cold, but it was actually quite warm. The sun had heated it up this morning, almost as if preparing for our arrival. I bobbed in the water for a bit as my dad dived under and swam about for a bit. Then he came over and splashed water at me, I splashed him back. I suddenly stopped thinking "Oh My God, I'm naked in the middle of the woods, what is someone sees us?

It was actually very liberating being naked outside, like silently being cocky at the world and showing off to an invisible audience. The sun was shining strongly now, and I could feel it starting to burn my face a little. My dad hoisted himself up onto a rock about four feet high and three feet wide. He lay back on the rock, absorbing the sun with his naked body.

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