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Erotic illustrations of executions by hanging

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The face will typically become engorged and cyanotic turned blue through lack of oxygen. There will be the classic sign of strangulation, petechiaelittle blood marks on the face and in the eyes from burst blood capillaries. The tongue may protrude. Compromise of the cerebral blood flow may occur by obstruction bt the carotid arteries, even though their obstruction requires far more force illustrxtions the obstruction of jugular veins, since they are seated deeper and they contain blood in much higher pressure compared to the jugular veins. Where death has nedk through carotid artery obstruction or cervical fracture, the face will typically be pale in colour and not show petechiae.

Many reports and pictures exist of actual short-drop hangings that seem to show that the person died quickly, while others indicate a slow and agonising death by strangulation. The time of death in such cases is a matter of convention. In judicial hangings, death is pronounced at cardiac arrest, which may occur at times from several minutes up to 15 minutes or longer after hanging. During suspension, once the prisoner has lapsed into unconsciousness, rippling movements of the body and limbs may occur for some time which are usually attributed to nervous and muscular reflexes. In Britain, it was normal to leave the body suspended for an hour to ensure death.

After death, the body typically shows marks of suspension: Sphincters will relax spontaneously and urine and faeces will be evacuated. Forensic experts may often be able to tell if hanging is suicide or homicide, as each leaves a distinctive ligature mark. One of the hints they use is the hyoid bone. If broken, it often means the person has been murdered by manual choking.

Hanging has been a illustratioons of capital punishment in many countries. Capital punishment in Australia Capital punishment was a part of the legal system of Tye from its early days as a penal colony for the British Empire, untilwhen Australia abolished the death penalty in all states; [26] in practice, the last execution in Australia was the hanging of Ronald Ryan on 3 Februaryin Victoria. During the 19th century, there were about 80 people hanged each year throughout Australia for these crimes. Capital punishment in Brazil Death by hanging was the customary method of capital punishment in Brazil throughout its history.

Some important national heroes like Tiradentes were killed by hanging. The last illusrrations executed in Brazil was the slave Francisco, in The death penalty was abolished for all crimes, except for those committed under extraordinary circumstances such as war or military law, in Capital punishment in Bulgaria Bulgaria's national hero, Vasil Levskiwas executed by hanging by the Ottoman court in Sofia in Every year since Bulgaria's liberation, thousands come with flowers on the date of his death, 19 February, to his monument where the gallows stood.

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