Dick cabaret and las vegas

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Pas completely unique night of entertainment will leave you amazed and amused at the incredible and creative contortions of the male anatomy. This strictly 18 and over show features the two leads contorting their male parts into mind-bending positions while they keep things moving with hilariously witty and extremely raunchy narration. My husband just found it fun and fascinating.

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I am a sociologist, so I found much of the information in the exhibits very interesting and valuable to pass along to my students. I can't think of what was left out. There is a great art exhibit, beautiful ancient panels of erotic art, gizmos and gadgets and peep shows, informative posters on genitalia, information about sex scandals, a limited but interesting gay art gallery, and even a little theater showing films continuously. This show is dark today Book now for a future date Description Puppetry of the Penis is an outrageous show that delivers exactly what the title promises and has become an international phenomenon.

Puppetry of the Penis features full frontal male nudity, but focuses more on tickling the funny bones of the audience than titillating them. My husband and I accidentally came across this museum when we got lost on the back road where it's located.

Las Dick vegas and cabaret

I would teach cegas college class in there if I could! I think it might make a fun place to take a bachelor or bachelorette outing, if you could work out a group price. I am recommending this museum to all my friends and students who visit Las Vegas! It was a fun few hours for a Sunday afternoon, but please be sure you are open-minded to what you will see.

Two Australian performers vefas their unique talents and launched the original production at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where it became a huge hit. The show has played in 35 countries and been translated into 5 languages, and now its playing in Las Vegas at The Erotic Heritage Museum, just a half mile away from the heart of The Strip. What happens in Vegas We got a senior discount, so it was very reasonable, and definitely worth the full price.

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