Deskjet 6940 metal strip

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HP Deskjet 6940 Printer Series - Setting Up the Product (Hardware)

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Remove packing material Remove all tape and protective film from the lid and from the front and back of the product. Install the optional accessories If the product shipped with the Two-Sided Printing Accessory duplexer or the optional Sheet Plain Paper Tray, continue with the following steps. If the product did not ship with the duplexer or the optional Sheet Plain Paper Tray, skip to the 'Plug in the power cord' section in this document. If these accessories did not ship with the product, you can buy them from an authorized HP dealer. On the rear access door, push the two latch handles toward each other, and then remove the door.

Remove the rear door note: Do not discard the rear access door. The product cannot print unless the access door is in place.

Insert the duplexer in the back of the product until both sides snap into place. If the test page does not print, continue with the next solution. Clear all paper jams Follow these steps to clear any paper jams. Remove any loose paper Disconnect the USB cable from the product. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the product.

Reinstall the performing access ass or duplexer. Tundra the dollar access door Appointed the belt on one cartridge. Fore the fact access ass.

Remove all unused paper from the tray. At this point, remove only the unused paper. Do not try to remove jammed paper from mehal front of the Desljet. Continue with these instructions to clear any paper jam from the back of the product first to help prevent damage to the product and to avoid tearing paper inside the product. Remove all paper from inside the back of the printer Turn the product around to access the back. Turn the knob on the rear access door, and then remove the rear access door. If the product has a two-sided printing accessory duplexer in place of the rear access door, press the two buttons on the sides of the duplexer, and then remove the duplexer.

Remove the rear access door Remove all traces of strpi from inside the product. Reinstall the rear access door or duplexer. Remove jammed paper from the front of ztrip printer Follow these steps to remove jammed paper from the front of the product. Desjjet the paper very carefully. If the paper tears, part of it might remain inside the paper path and damage the product. Carefully remove all traces of paper that you can find. Deskjwt the power meetal to the back of the product. Press the Power button to turn on the product. Lift the front cover and slowly remove any jammed paper Unplug the power cable. If necessary, pull the input tray down to open it. Then, lower the print cartridge door.

Lowering the print cartridge door Gently pull the paper out of the rollers. If the paper tears when while removing it from the rollers, check the rollers and wheels for torn pieces of paper that might be remaining inside the device. If all the pieces of paper are not removed from the HP All-in-One, more paper jams are likely to occur. Close the print cartridge door. Turn the power on. Verify the print cartridge carriage can move freely Unplug the power cable. Check to see if the print cartridge carriage can move freely from one side of the printer to the other.

If the carriage is to the right and out of plain view, skip to Step Five.

6940 strip Deskjet metal

Do not try to force it to move if it is hung up on something. Be careful not to force the print cartridge carriage. If Deskkjet carriage is stuck, Deskjet 6940 metal strip it to move will damage the printer. If Deeskjet carriage does not move, continue with the next step below. Remove the print mftal. Multiple missing nozzles on HP Inkjet cartridges may cause white streaks in the printed output. If one color is missing on the printer test page, the cartridge may be empty. The test page should show a color band of black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. The example on the right is missing yellow, indicating that yellow out in the cartridge.

Color out can be caused by prolonged storage on one of the flat sides of the cartridge. Determine how long the cartridge has been installed. White streaking through the printout or an entire missing color both indicate an empty cartridge. If the cartridge is depleted of one color, it needs to be replaced. Each color is necessary to create the colors used in day-to-day printing. If the colors on the printer test page are dark or are not yellow, cyan, and magenta, the inks in the cartridge may have mixed together.

Color mixing can occur if tape has been replaced over the print cartridge nozzles or if the entire print cartridge is placed into a resealable plastic bag to keep the print cartridges from drying out. If the nozzle area comes into contact with the plastic bag, color mixing can result. HP has indications that the lubricant on the printer carriage assembly tabs and the flex circuit contacts on the print cartridge can collect debris fibers and dustwhich may cause poor output.

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