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Disease the waves crash against the party it gives and very affectionate and sexy sound and I earned that houston of the currents. And if so, where would you start to rate it?.

So we moved Cuum to the Underground club where we were already had some carry-ons in the past few years after the beach, like an after show party in Underground and it was always great. I mean Mamaia Beach would be amazing of course but I could also consider Cluj or anywhere.

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When the waves crash against the wall it makes and very interesting and weird sound and I recorded that sound of the pipelines. It was an incredible experience, and I do not want to try it again, I do not want to break this record or anything. I learned everything around TV, I learned editing, audio and lighting and camera and I specialised in editing back then. I would definitely work in a creative job and would combine my passion for music with my passion for video and film editing. Maybe not everybody knows and might see this as a rivalry, but you warmed-up an entire tour with him a few years ago.

I would say that in Ibiza the Underground Club represents the spirit of my gang the most.

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Indeed, but I guess you do have more freedom in your music here in Romania than in other countries maybe … tINI: It seems like you enjoy testing waters when it comes to playing new songs for the crowd, but also to your musical ideas. I could never plan anything as I am a very sensitive person when I play and I interact with everything I feel so hopefully I am right most of the time. Luckily I can travel with Roberto, my tour manager, who is more than that, he is also my friend on the road which makes it a lot easier. To really bring a concept would not work for me because then my head would be involved and if I think too much, I think I play not as good as I do when I really let go and I feel surrounded in an environment where I get the feeling that I can do whatever I want.

It started without you knowing you were going to do this at a professional level.

How does it feel to gather a whole loving family around your passion? And if so, where would you choose to play it? How did you enjoy playing for so long and what does it actually mean to you, was it planned in any way? Where do you see it going considering what just happened with Fabric?

I also hosted my own party there two times per year, so this tuni me as well, but besides it would have hurt regardless having the party or not. The dancefloor was full of smiling faces and so many people still write to me about this long day and night and day! But yeah missing the friends and family a lot!

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