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Born gay or made gay?

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These exceptions lead me to conclude that while genes and hormones may, like male birth order, predispose a person to a particular sexual orientation, they do not determine it. They are significant influences, not the sole cause. Other factors are also at work. Social expectations, cultural values and peer pressure, for instance, help push many of us towards heterosexuality. Without these pro-straight influences, more people might be lesbian, gay or bisexual. Wilson and Rahman's biological determinist thesis has another major flaw. If we are all born either gay or straight, how do they explain people who switch in mid-life from fulfilled heterosexuality to fulfilled homosexuality and vice versa?

The singer Tom Robinson was a happy, well-adjusted gay man who, to his own surprise, one day met and fell in love with a woman. He is now equally happy and well-adjusted in his straight relationship. If he was hard-wired at birth to desire men, how can he now desire women? The authors have no credible explanation for bisexuality; claiming it barely exists. Some research measuring sexual arousal shows that men who claim to be bisexual are predominantly turned on by other men, not women.

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But this is highly suspect. Swapping gossip with the girlfriend of a man who was previously Borh long-term lover, we agree takght was definitely aroused by both the male and female form; equally delighted and sexually voracious with a cock or a cunt. Much as I would love to go along with the fashionable "born gay" consensus it would be very politically convenientI can't. The evidence does not support the idea that sexuality is a fixed biological given.

Taught gay gay Born

Less than 1 percent of the women were exclusively SSA, and both of these results were consistent across all the studies. That figure is based on a faulty interpretation of the Kinsey research, which actually reported that approximately 10 percent of the male population had engaged in homosexual behavior at some time during their life. Stereotypically, one would expect to find neat divisions across the three identities. But this was not the case; for example, 42 percent of lesbian women and 40 percent of gay men reported some attraction to the opposite sex in the previous year, and 31 percent of gay men reported having had romantic feelings for women. As mentioned previously, so does Dr.

This tendency toward fluidity was also evident in the measurements of gain or loss of opposite sex attraction OSAespecially in their early twenties and early thirties. It would be interesting to see the results extended as the group continues to age. I even went so far as to fall in love with one. As a writer, this kind of complicated story is incredibly interesting to me — mostly because it shows that my own personal history resists the kind of easy classifications that have come to dominate discussions of sexuality.

Well, you must have been gay the whole time, some might think, and because of some religious shame, you decided to lie to yourself and experiment with a girl. But that was nothing more than a blip in the road. How do I explain that I was honestly in love with a woman? Some people might argue that I am innately bisexual, with the capacity to love both women and men. View image of Credit: The sample was also stratified by gender of respondent. Therefore, the 44 respondents were represented from the following four groups: The interviews were conducted during May and June, Others told us genetics has nothing to do with this.

What do you think? When respondents stated that they believed homosexuality is not genetic, the interviewers asked them why they believed it is not genetic. In terms of religious teachings, there are different religious views concerning the morality and acceptability of homosexuality. Research has shown that people often selectively attend to information that confirms their previously held beliefs i. To assess where participants acquired their information regarding the origins of homosexuality, the interviewers asked respondents about the sources of information on which they had based their ideas. When participants gave more than one response to a question, we coded all their responses.

Responses with similar meanings were combined into higher order themes. Two of the investigators conferred to reach consensus before moving to the next stage of analysis. Origins of homosexuality Participants first answered the question concerning their belief about the extent to which genes play a role in the etiology of homosexuality. We coded their answers into five categories: Their answers most often included a discussion of other potential causes of homosexuality. Thus, we were then able to code all their responses concerning the origins of homosexuality into four broad categories of causal influences: Sources of information To investigate the sources of information participants used when developing their ideas about the origins of homosexuality, we coded their answers to the question concerning what factors had influenced their opinion.

Sources of people's information included a gay family members, b gay friends, acquaintances, or co-workers, c non-gay family and friends, d personal experiences, e mass media, f scientific research, and g religious teachings.

How genetic information can help and harm people We asked participants how it might help people if it were found that homosexuality is partly genetic. Categories that emerged when analyzing the data were the following: Intercoder reliabilities All responses to questions were coded by two members of the research taugut. When disagreements concerning the coding gwy particular cases occurred, decisions were made by consensus of the entire research team. Intercoder reliabilities percentage of agreements were calculated across the entire sample for each subcategory.

As explained previously, we categorized their responses in terms of whether they said genes were responsible fully, partly, for some people, or not at all. Eight respondents gave answers that showed they believed that homosexuality is totally due to genes, 25 respondents believed that genes are at least partly the cause of homosexuality, 5 participants said that genes play a role for some people but not for others, and 43 respondents felt that genes play no role. The remaining participants stated that they did not know. Participants often gave multiple answers concerning the causes of homosexuality.

For example, 17 individuals gave only genetic explanations. Important to note, however, is that 9 of these 17 participants specifically stated that genes play a partial role in the origin of homosexuality, yet they only discussed the role of genetics and did not elaborate on other possible causes.

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