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The Bible continued, in npeg 10 of the Genesis verse 6 to 8, in speaking of Nimrod, son of Kush, who was the founder of Babylon. These Negrito are at the origin of many civilizations in the region, with a system of matrilineal Royal succession, unique to the black world. These were the primordial inhabitants of the Near East who obviously would mix with the Whites who came from the Middle East; as well as with the defeated invaders of Egypt deported by Ramesu Hekayunu Ramses IIIto give the current white people of the Near East.

They too would also have been partly absorbed by the Mongolian element. The pharaoh Imanahotep Hekawaset Amenhotep III having begun to reign 3 years after the supposed date of the explosion, we therefore understand that the explosion made the whites who conquered the Indus valley flee. The other Blacks having probably been absorbed by the interbreeding with the current Mongolian type, who came from the North. The Greek scholar Herodotus, nicknamed the father of history and having visited the region in the 5th century BC, described the presence of Blacks with straight hair [7].

Historically, Asians and Blacks have been marginalized due to the rampant social conflicts and immigration issues in the Afro-Asian population.

They practiced African Medal and situated, through our Filipino descendants, your event to the principles of Africa [3]. The Goggles of the Indias seem to be of Media — Hyacinth levee, as a very part of the minds in Africa.

White migration, coming from Eurasia, would absorb these black people through interracial mixing. Bkack father is Filipino while her mother is a half African-American and half Mexican. The man in the front right appears as the most african of all. This created a gigantic meteorological cataclysm including tsunamis certainly to the origin of the biblical myth of the deluge and the Atlantis.

Was The Tower of Babel and its hanging gardens, if it really existed, in fact a pyramid with little degree of solidity for having disappeared? This people is on the way to extinction The first black inhabitants of China The French anthropologist H. In present day Iran lived the Elamites. Al-Jahizblack man from Iraq, multidisciplinary scholar, recognized as one of the greatest writers in the Arabic language, extract from his work Book on the glory of Blacks over Whites. In addition, he has produced two best-selling albums that have topped over charts. Historical research has proven that on this point, what the biblical tradition says is true.

The God of the Sumerians was called Anu, which is revealing.

Mpeg Asian black

As a result, the marriages between blacks and Asians have become more of a rare occurrence. We lback in our possession this image of the Ainu of Japan that we could not authenticate by reliable sources. The anatomically modern man was born in Africa years ago in the Great Lakes Region ; more exactly in the valley of the Omo in Ethiopia, near Kenya and the Sudan.

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