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Top 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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It may have some health benefits, but it should be consumed with care. Coconut oil contains 2.

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It has been said to provide various health benefits. Here are a Artcle of them: A component in coconut oil has been found to give "good" HDL cholesterol "a nudge. It appears to preserve insulin action and insulin resistance in mice. It has antistress and antioxidant properties, which could make it useful as an antidepressantaccording to research in rodents.

It makes hair shinierbecause it penetrates better than mineral oils. It has been found vigin enhance protective barrier functions oi have an anti-inflammatory effect on skin in humans. It has reversed hepatosteatosis, a type of fatty liver disease, in rodents. Inhaling coconut oil has helped reduce asthma symptoms in rabbits. Coconut oil has reduced colonization with Candida albicans in mice, suggesting it could be a treatment for candida. One argument has been that coconut oil leaves people feeling "fuller" after eating, so they will not eat so much.

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However, other research has shown that Article on virgin coconut oil is not the case. It has reduced obesity and promoted weight loss in mice. Cautions While a number of investigations have looked into coconut oil and its possible benefits, it should be noted that many of the studies supporting its benefits have not yet been carried out on humans. In addition, all high-fat foods and oils are high in calories. Adding in more calorie-dense food to a diet that already has plenty of calories will not result in weight loss. Coconut oil is percent fat, but the structure of fat in coconut oil differs from the saturated fat found in many animal products, which are mainly composed of long-chain fatty acids.

Coconut oil has an unusually high amount of medium-chain triglycerides MCTs. These are harder for the body to convert into stored fat, and easier to burn off than long-chain triglycerides LCTs. Materials and Methods 2. Exclusion criteria included 1 volunteers unwillingness to have their biomedical parameters assessed and 2 being pregnant. A total of 35 Thai healthy volunteers were recruited. The participants were free to decide whether to volunteer for the study and written informed consent was obtained from all volunteers before starting the study. Study Design This was an open-label, randomized, controlled, crossover study. The crossover design study had two periods, each lasting for eight weeks, separated by an eight-week washout period.

The principal investigator was responsible for randomizing each participant by a simple random method. Relevant biomedical parameters and lipid profiles total cholesterol, LDL-C, HDL-C, and triglyceride were determined for each participant at the baseline visit and then again at week 8. At week 16, participants crossed over to take the alternative regimen for 8 weeks. Biomedical parameters were measured prior to restarting the new regimen and at the week study visit Figure 1. The advantage of a crossover design is that each participant is acting as their own control. For this reason it was important that the participants continued with the same diet while taking each of the study regimens to ensure that any difference in lipid profiles observed was likely due to the study regimen rather than a change in individual diet.

These special fats are responsible for a lot of the health benefits of coconut oil. However, in some parts of the world, coconut loaded with coconut oil is a dietary staple virgon people have thrived on for many generations. The best example of such a population is the Tokelauans, which live in the South Pacific. When studied, Arrticle were found to Article on virgin coconut oil in excellent health, with very low rates of heart disease 2. Another example of a population that ate a lot of coconut and remained in excellent health is the Kitavans 3.

Several populations virgim the world have thrived for multiple generations eating massive amounts of coconut. While some people think obesity is only a cocoonut of calories, others myself included believe that the sources of those calories are important too. It is a fact that different foods affect our bodies and hormones in different ways. In this regard, a calorie is not a calorie. The medium-chain triglycerides MCTs in coconut oil can increase how many calories you burn compared to the same amount of calories from longer chain fats 4. When lauric acid is digested, it also forms a substance called monolaurin.

Both lauric acid and monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi 6. For example, these substances have been shown to help kill the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus a very dangerous pathogen and the yeast Candida albicans, a common source of yeast infections in humans 78. The fatty acids in coconut oil can kill harmful pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. This could potentially help to prevent infections. This may be related to the way the fats are metabolized, because ketones can have an appetite reducing effect 9.

In one study, varying amounts of medium and long chain triglycerides were fed to 6 healthy men. The men eating the most MCTs ate fewer calories per day, on average Another study in 14 healthy men discovered that those who ate the most MCTs at breakfast ate fewer calories at lunch These studies were small and only done for short periods of time. If this effect were to persist over the long term, it could help lead to reduced body weight over a period of several years.

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