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Fine workmanship commanded a premium long before European contact, and with the advent of the monetary system, it was even more highly prized. Collective versus individual art The basic role of the American Indian artist is the same as that of the artist in any culture: The social organization of the various tribes allowed less latitude for experimentation than Western cultures and usually compelled the artist to work in familiar channels. Yet, within this rigid framework of tradition, there was sometimes a surprising degree of freedom of expression. There are recorded instances of individuals having made considerable changes in the art and the economy of their tribes.

Although there is no way of knowing how often this happened in the past, there are suggestions that it occurred at Mimbresamong the Haida slate carvers, and quite possibly in some areas of the so-called Mound Builder cultures of the Southeast. Origins of designs The origins of most Native American decorative designs cannot be traced accurately today; most of them are lost in antiquity. Tatanka Iyotanka, Sitting Bull. Not a no-account waif paid to prance around on stage in her underwear.

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Crazy Horse Malt Liquor. Another controversy involved the use of the name Crazy Horse for a brand of malt liquor. Although the brand was marketed in 32 states for several years during the s, the estate of the Sioux man by that name objected. Eventually the Stroh Brewing Company that owned the name at the time dropped the brand. Click for larger view View full resolution Fig. His remarks came one day after SBC announced the company—which got out of the brewing business in —had settled the lawsuit over the use of the Crazy Horse name….

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To us, that is an incredibly weakened state. With the civil rights movement, however, came a rebirth in self-determination. Groups such as the American Indian Movement were founded to put political pressure on the federal government. They began contributing back to their original communities. This summer, I decided to document the experiences of some of theNative Americans who call the Bay Area home. While I do recognize that a sizable chunk of our populations are solidly middle class, every Native person I know has either experienced poverty or has a family member who is.

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