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Immigrants flocked to this country so they could worship freely and without prejudice.

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Jenna August 17, at 4: I'm convinced that it's important for our leaders to have beliefs, but dominionism sounds frightening. And Rick Perry calls for prayers has nothing to do with his Presidential nure. Their philosophy is ultimately the equivalent of fascism. After I've lived thru the past 60 years and see how screwed up mankind is and can be, left to his own devices look around you and ask Their Constitution would be the Seven Mountains of Society, and if that happened, I would definitely head for the mountains. As far as I'm concerned, they are both snake oil salesman at the very best.

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This information needs to be set forth in front of the American Michelke so they know exactly WHAT these candidates stand for and where they plan to take America. Christians who think that Christianity should rule the country generally don't support policies that feed the hungry, clothe the naked or bring comfort to the sick. Please come to TX and ask questions I don't want to be told what to believe or how to behave in my bedroom by these wackos! Government, the Constitution, laws and regulations must be purely secular or we become no different than any other conutry whose government is based on theocracy.

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