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Alternatively, people interested in social nudity can attend clothes-free beaches and other types of ad-hoc nudist events. At these venues, participants generally need not belong to a naturist club. The terms are loosely defined and there are some regional differences. Nudity in social contexts has been practised in various forms by many cultures at all time periods. Enjoy a cool dip in one of our two swimming pools, one clothing optional with swim-up Wet Iguana sports bar, or in their new nude adult only area with its own private swimming pool and 2 jacuzzis. The Catalina is an adults only Costa Rica hotel and resort that is dedicated to the nudist lifestyle. At the hotel couples are free to do whatever they want, provided they do not interfere with the freedom of other couples.

It features a spa, three massage rooms, jacuzzi and sauna. There is also a disco and bar, tanning, terrace and nudee restaurant. An isolated property of 4 hectares, it is an Mintezuma tropical vacation location for couples, as well as singles for 1 day to long term stays. Saturday nights is when Club Mi Amor parties! Come for the day, get to know everyone and then party all night long, with music, dancing, games, performances and more! Costa Rica Nudist Beaches Manuel Antonio Quepos is a popular place for all kinds of tourists, and is primarily a more conservative place to sunbathe and play, however, north of the public area is a nice little area where you will find a lot of topless basking.

Sometimes, though rare, you will even find completely nude beach-goers. This is also known to be the gay and lesbian friendly part of the beach. The locals call it Playa de Playos.

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This is perhaps the most budget friendly of get-aways and attracts a wide and colorful spectrum of liberal minded folk like backpackers, gypsies, surfers, street musicians and other fun loving tourists and locals. Playa Grande boasts a panorama of picture perfect white sand, blue skies and raging waves crashing the shores. The sand is smooth and clean and tall, swaying trees provide cool shade. On your way back from a tiring adventure, you can always take a little nap.

Nude Montezuma costa beach rica

Playa Grande is on the doorstep of Montezuma. It is frequently visited by hikers, surfers and swimmers. There is a rumor that clothing is optional. Surfing can be fun yet challenging in Playa Grande.

The waves are sometimes difficult nuude ride and rip tide currents can be very strong. Only advanced surfers should surf the waves. You will see a handful of seasoned surfers with their surfboards riding along the beach early in the morning hoping to get the best of waves. There are numerous rocky tide pools scattered around the beach filled with tiny marine creatures and plants.

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