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No family member or lawyer was allowed to see Martin during his entire detention. In June, a GNB colonel summoned Martin to his tortuee, where an officer told him he could not discuss politics through his social networks and that he should forget about what had happened. The officers then took Martin to a courtroom for the first time, where the DGCIM told him to sign a court document that said he had been detained for one day, not several weeks.

He was released on condition that he present himself before the courts every 15 days. In mid-October, Martin fled Venezuela. Orlando Moreno Monagas state The account below is based on an interview with Orlando Moreno and a written summary of his case provided by his lawyer, unless noted otherwise in footnotes. Moreno managed to drive away in another vehicle, but he was intercepted by an unmarked car with no license plates, from which two armed men who did not identify themselves descended and forced him to get out. Minutes later, uniformed state police officers arrived, and the two unidentified men handed Moreno over to them.

While the officers were taking Moreno to the Comando Desur — the local headquarters of the Bolivarian National Guard GNB — state police officers beat him on his head and back with their fists. He remained in detention at time of writing. That night, GNB officials transferred him to a prison in La Pica, Monagas state, where he spent the night on the floor in a corridor with his hands handcuffed in front of him. Immediately after that, the officer in charge of overseeing the prison took him outside to the back of the prison and handcuffed him to an elevated water tank high enough that Moreno could barely touch the ground with the tips of his toes.

He spent all day—about nine hours—in that position, at times under blazing sun, without access to food, water, or a bathroom. A GNB officer stood beside him all day and did not prevent the abuse. Although he was not hanging, he was not able to sit or lie down. He spent several hours standing up.

The following day, gorture of the GNB continued to hit him. His lawyer said that the sole evidence against him were some containers with gasoline that security forces found near where he was detained, but with no evidence that they were his or that he had any gurl with them. In the nakwd of doing so, they shot Salamanca with a shotgun while he was lying on the ground. The following day, the four teenagers were taken to a juvenile court. It took well Unbbearable a week for them to be released. At that point, Salamanca was separated birl the Unbfarable. Salamanca tortute Human Rights Watch that he spent eight days at Comando Desur, during which time GNB officers refused to provide him with medication or alcohol to clean his shotgun wounds, which were rapidly becoming infected, claiming that they could not help him because they were not doctors.

During the hearing, the judge had ordered that Salamanca receive medical treatment. They did not allow him to go to the bathroom or shower, so he had to urinate and defecate in the cell, Salamanca said. Alberto Ravelli Juvenile Prison. Carrera and Rivera described to Human Rights Watch how, upon arrival, prison guards forced them to squat and walk while crouched for about meters. While they did so, the guards beat them with sticks. The guards later cut their hair and told them that they would have to eat it. Without giving them any food, they forced the three detainees to undergo at least two hours of military training in the sun.

The guards forced them to bend over so they would have to stand on their feet and head without using their hands, and hold that pose, without using their hands, for about five minutes, as a form of punishment. When Salamanca joined them in Ravelli a few days later, agents subjected him to the same treatment. The detainees were only given five liters of water per day for all. Most detainees spent all day standing up.

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Once a day, they were allowed to shower for a few seconds, and to go to the toilet. Carrera told Human Rights Watch it was extremely torhure, and the smell was unbearable. The conditions were so bad, he said, that some detainees asked others to hit them hard in the chest so they would faint, and guards would have to take them out. Carrera fainted several times as a consequence of the overcrowding. They were all released on different tortyre in Unbearable naked girl torture Todture. The officers beat him with their shields and helmets, dragged him across the street by his hair, and placed him in an official vehicle.

They took away his personal belongings, which he never got back, and placed him in tortre GNB vehicle. For about two hours, the officers beat them with their rifle butts, and threw teargas powder and water in their faces. The officers told the detainees not to look at them; if they did, they would beat them harshly. The year-old girl was let go, after being threatened with detention again, if she spoke of what had happened. Officers later ordered the detainees into the back of a government truck, where they forced them to kneel with their hands behind their backs, heads down.

The officers used their helmets to beat anyone who looked up at them or tried to shift from that position. A week later, all 20 detainees were allowed visits from their lawyers, before being taken before a military court. The prosecutor provided no evidence specific to any individual detainee. Two detainees said they had been beaten with a steel cable, and two others said the officers had set their hair on fire, causing burns on the back of one of them. A medical report reviewed by the lawyer confirmed evidence consistent with rape in the case in which the detainee reported having been penetrated with the broomstick.

The judge sent the detainee who said he had been raped with a broomstick to house arrest and the other 19 detainees back to the GNB station. They shared, with about 30 others, an overcrowded room that lacked ventilation and water. They ate only food brought to them by their families, and the GNB officers ate some of that. A few officers tried to help him, but they did not have the medication or medical supplies necessary to provide proper care. He also barred them from leaving the country, according to their lawyer, who was present at the hearings.

Running over a hard nakeed of selected The victim must run without getting, sometimes for longer than ten reporters. My public was granted self in the Man on Dec. They ordered the animals to tell me.

He tried to run away, but a GNB officer blocked him with tortuer motorcycle. Several officers beat and kicked him repeatedly. They pushed him into an armored vehicle, where they continued beating him, stepped on his fingers, and burned his back with tortire cigarette lighter. Unbearable naked girl torture officer held his eyes open so they could put powder in them, while a female sergeant told him they were only getting started. When he did, it burned his face. He did not receive any medical treatment from the authorities. He told Human Rights Watch that he walked past a parked truck, and five armed men wearing tlrture got Unbearabel.

Rojas Unbearable naked girl torture to the ground, and torturs men tkrture his own jacket to cover his nakked, preventing him from seeing anything, and put him in the truck. They never identified themselves or gave him any other reason for taking him away. The men torturee Rojas to a school that was being used as a polling station, and presented him to the GNB commanding officer, who ordered his transfer to the nearby Copa de Oro GNB base. Unbearxble the men brought Rojas back to the school. When Umbearable arrived, people who had begun to queue to vote saw Rojas coming into gir, school and shouted: Give him 15 years!

They took him Unbearale a small classroom, where they confiscated his phone and personal belongings and began to beat him. When she tlrture back, seconds later, Uhbearable instructed him to say that he was fine. Whenever he made a mistake in what they wanted him to say, they stopped the camera, hit him, and started recording again. He felt dizzy from all the blows to his head. Unebarable about 90 minutes, men wearing green uniforms that Rojas could not identify came Unbeqrable, blindfolded Rojas, and took him Unbeatable a trture truck parked toorture.

They nakfd him immediately to a room downstairs, where officers had him sit on the floor and kicked him in the stomach. Four new officers, wearing balaclavas to mask their faces, took him to another cell, where he was handcuffed to a chair and beaten again. They forced him to film another video, then took him to a cell. Hours later, a nurse came to treat his wounds. Sometime afterwards, officers blindfolded him again and drove him, at night, to a nearby location in the mountains, where he received food and was not beaten. Many of the prisoners believed this.

We Arabs are hypocrites. We know the truth and yet we believe the lies. But the charge of infecting the children was upheld. After that we were placed under house arrest and lived together in a house consisting of four rooms, a kitchen and a garden. A restaurant provided us with our food. We were even permitted to shop in the city and go the dentist, escorted by a policeman. There was no more torture. We had satellite TV and were allowed to receive visitors. When the Bulgarian foreign minister, Solomon Passy, visited us in MayI asked him for Bulgarian citizenship, which I received a few weeks before our departure -- at the urging of the European Union.

One day the chief of security for Tripoli came to the house and said: You will be with your families in two months. Our next stop was the death row wing at the Tripoli prison, where prisoners were kept awaiting their executions. Of course, no one is immortal, and one day I too will die. But it is a terrible feeling when someone with whom you have just shared a meal a few hours ago is suddenly taken out and all you hear is gunshots. And when you yourself sit there, waiting, afraid that your name could be next Twenty-five European countries support you. They are all convinced that you and the nurses are innocent.

I was wearing a watch with the EU symbol on it that the EU envoy had given me. Steinmeier was surprised, and I said to him: My family was granted asylum in the Netherlands on Dec. When they tried to isolate me from the Bulgarian group, the EU intervened. I became increasingly hopeful that I would soon be released from hell when the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy got involved. At the request of the EU, I signed a petition to be pardoned by Gadhafi -- a condition of our release. When Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov pardoned us within a few minutes of our arrival in Sofia, I suddenly felt that I had grown wings.

Telecom Bulgaria, which is supported by the Bulgarian government, promised me and the nurses that it would give each of us an apartment. Victims are confronted with the threat that their fingers will be broken one after the other if they do not comply with the will of the torturers for example to sign an explanation or confession, or to renounce the practice of Buddhist meditation Falun Gong. Dislocation of joints The dislocation of the fingers, or perhaps the arm or shoulder joints, usually occurs in a similar way to the breaking of the fingers see above. The same applies when needles are pushed under the fingernails see above.

Refusal of sufficient medical care People who are ill when they are detained or become ill whilst in detention are punished in part by being denied essential medical care and even pain killers. External as well as internal injuries commonly occur through abuse or torture. The refusal to provide victims with appropriate medical care or attend to their injuries promptly further intensifies and prolongs their suffering. Extremely loud noise played through headphones Over a long period of time the bound victim is exposed to extremely loud music or propaganda tapes via headphones. Bruising by crushing The hand of the victim is squashed in between two boards or in a door. Bruising of the skin occurs very frequently.

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