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I am, of policy, referring to the best method. For me, the war thunder and pink have been delivering and inspiring.

Further, does this symbol not cncer its meaning when a pink ribbon-clad product can be chock-full of carcinogens? Breast cancer, like any other cancer, is a gnarly and wicked disease. I am, of course, referring to the pink ribbon.

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I simply feel better talking about my cancer without all the pink flair. But a paramount reason I think I was unable to connect to a community of cancer patients was that my particular cancer, breast cancer, has seemingly been taken over by a logo and a color and a marketing scheme, all of which with I have been unable to identify. And I am not the only one that feels this way. The first was my age.

I was told by my gynecologist and others, they could not tell what was what, so how could I? Pink, the supposed color of femininity, does not represent breast cancer to me. This symbol, for all the money it has raised, has for me very little meaning and, in fact, feels contrary to a representation of what I have been through. After being in their office for four hours, I was suddenly spurned out into the churning, frenetic nature of Manhattan with beguiling news.

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To take this disease and cover it in pink glitter gives it a bubble gum appeal that, to me, does not raise awareness, but rather makes opaque and glamourizes the canceer those Brdast us with adareness cancer have faced. Cancr year, Breast Cancer Action, an organization based in San Francisco, has launched a "Think Before You Pink" campaign to try to change the conversation around breast cancer -- to recognize that this is an epidemic and a health crisis in need of more than just a ribbon. That is not to say that it did not exist, but two problems stood in my way of finding it. Also, when consumers of such pinked products believe that in buying such things, they are already aware of something via these channels, they then do not feel the need to actually educate themselves via more constructive modes for example, about self-screening.

When I found a lump in my right armpit around Thanksgiving last year, I reluctantly, at the advice of my physician, made an appointment with a radiologist. It allows these corporations to look charitable and good by doing very little, thus leaving the gravity of these problems unclear and the change minimal.

There are now pink ribbons, pink colors and the word "pink" on everything breast cancer-related. They are invasive and, at times, humiliating. I am not by any means asking everyone to go sit in a chemo ward.

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