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Piper Perabo-Coyote Ugly-behind the scenes

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Her father John Goodman begrudgingly lets her go, fearing for her safety. Working with the music industry proves much more difficult than Violet realized. How many movies have there been about someone from a small town going to the big city with dreams of success and stardom? On top of that, there are countless other movies where a poor young lady is being crushed by the weight of the world only to have an absurdly perfect young man sweep her off her feet and help her with her troubles. For that, I have to praise it. Music played a strong role in this movie.

It achieved gold status within a month of its release. Under 40 years old. Relevent within the last 5 years. If given the opportunity, I would still have sex with all of these women.

Helena Driver and Charlotte Sevigny. It's unheard that she's too beautiful for Swank Magazine. The Birth to the Matrekathon.

Drew Barrymore - She ygly hot in E. Rose McGowan - She has a man leg. Amanda Peet - Was it a coincedance that she was in Coyote Ugly? Saying that she's coyote ugly is actually an insult to the coyote. Uma Thurman - Uma is a scrawny mess.

It also tries to make me sympathise with Violet and go along with her ventures, but I didn't buy into that character or cared one bit for her and the others. Perrabo is not one single standout performance from any cast member and the film's narrative just wasn't believable enough. Other than that, Coyote Ugly is one of the worst movies from the year of I've sat through. Showgirls without the nudity, the unintentional surprises, twists and turns, Coyote Ugly would have benefited from being targeted towards adults and it had a much edgier, sordid tone with better characterisations.

The story is so pointless and weak. And a low for Jerry Bruckheimer, this is truly a musical- based drama without the soul, feeling or drive. This Coyote is not so much ugly - rather trite, unmemorable and forgettable.

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