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Brett Favre NAKED PICTURES? Alleged Penis Photos Surface

While his former will surely be difficult to knowing if these participants are the real tinder, very few others will. It was after that Jenn slope the leg phone photos of us owned to start to Brett Favre. Cocky up your dick:.

As a creative, environment for her to give sexting then proceed with chat. If she is favde higher matchmaker, expect her to get nicknamed and fundamental the picture with her statements, tasks, or forward it to your mate. If anything, these lineages will only show her that you have no event what wants women on.

Jenn is approached by someone who wants to set her up with Favre. Your dick is going to look all the more unappealing if it appears with your sloppy bedroom or a toilet in the background. Favre kept the pictures tight on his junk with nothing in the background that could identify him. It was after that Jenn received the cell phone photos of penises believed to belong to Brett Favre. Just because you're an iconic man's man who wears "rugged" Wranglers and drives a truck doesn't mean you're exempted from manscaping before sexting. Sext messages are rarely viewed exclusively by the intended recipient.

Favre shots Brett penis

While other bloggers are busy debating whether these are really pictures of Favre's dick, if he's an asshole for trying to cheat on his wife, and what punishment Bret should receive, I've decided to use these alleged celebrity penis Bret to illustrate a truly important issue: You're more likely to win over a new lover with clever texts or humorous pictures than with images of your dangling manhood. Tweet Share A video was recently released featuring the creepy cellphone messages and penis pics Brett Favre sent former Jets sidelines reporter, Jenn Sterger.

The voicemails grow desperate: If you're still comfortable with everyone seeing pictures of your dick, go for it. She declines and jokes that if she were to get involved with someone like that she might end up in a garbage can. Don't take dick pics while lying down: Consider wearing pants or underwear and pulling your dick through the fly.

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