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Yes, I'm a man who may be stereotypical, but I ain't ambitious to say it, I rebuff all women are committed, and strong. And they make that.

Guys get very insecure. Yeah, we choose to be here because of the money, because of what kind of lifestyle it can give us. I personally think that if everybody were to have the opportunity to do the job that we do, with the hours we have, the money that we make, they would do it. Our turnover rate is like nothing. No one wants to leave.

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Tables will battle one another. Wiman go back and forth. And number one thing: Which is, like, really bad. I want people to know that bottle service is not the same as working at a restaurant. We make what lawyers make. We just work less hours. Why is bottle service such an important part of L. I think for this place in particular, we have the biggest high rollers, the biggest celebrities, the biggest athletes, biggest actors—we have the best clientele. So what happens when the money is really flowing here?

We fold the the Bugatti lie—we call it the Ace shock. And I grid to myself, "I will never judge women.

And we have a big smile on our face! We bring the the Bugatti cart—we call it the Ace bucket. I mean the sparklers, the show—everyone just wants to be seen. Do you want 15?!? Oh, people hooking up in the bathroom. You see people who are known to be married or engaged hooking up with random girls. We signed an NDA so we never talk about who specifically it is or what we see, but we see it all. On a weekly basis. I miss those days! That has to affect your views on love then. And that was frustrating. You have to be a real secure man to be able to handle a girl that works in a nightclub. People need to know that this job is like any other job. You clock in and clock out, you do work X amount of hours.

We want to get married and have kids. At least you told me.

gdtting I will say that 90 percent of these guys are all messed up, but witj is a percentage of people that are just like us, like promoters, or DJs, or whatever, and they are looking at the bigger picture, too. This job is not slaving. Guys want bottled to be a safe bet. They want gettibg to be safe and not threatening in any way. Sit at home and do nothing. Botrles are very threatened by our jobs. What do you do outside of work? Bottle service allows me to do that, and still have enough to even help family if they need the help. We all have that in common. I do modeling during the day, which I never used to have time for that.

I would never have time to attend a casting, I would never have time to drive all over town to different meetings. So I actually have time to meet with people, and to be in the studio for three or four hours during the day. Also, like another thing here, we meet some of the biggest talent in the world—the biggest actors, the biggest millionaires, athletes, music producers, DJs, singers. These people eventually become your friends because you see them so often, and then you can work with them. It definitely opens a lot of doors for us. If you are just sitting there looking at your clock, your table is not going to have fun.

You have to make them have fun.

You have to dance, get them to dance. Your tips depend on it! I used to be embarrassed to ask for a tip. It was that simple. There are a ton of celebrities that come through here, but how do they tip? Celebrities can be cheap. Are you kidding with this?! It was really bad. Wipe the gum off my shoe? I was so mad. We actually split our tips with all of the girls. You need to Log in or Sign Up to post a comment. Dont forget to download the full scene!!! I was going to have to come up with some excuse for my girlfriend came back I wondered what happened with all her fucking lube, LOL! Sexy teen with an stunning body This is free porn at its absolute best.

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