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The Jokes Flow On Twitter Over The Latest Trump 'Pee Tape' Allegations

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Such as, say, the sitting president colluded with our most dangerous adversary to commit treason against the United States by undermining the democratic process and exploiting the hearts and minds of his own voters, digitally weaponizing their trust in him and turning it against their fellow Americans in order to cheat to win an election. So, at great risk to my friendships, reputation, and social media footprint: Also, the Senate, the House, and the FBI are all using the dossier to help guide their investigations.

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That music video was filmed in part in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow. He helpfully and intelligently posted lots of pictures of him with Trump and the Agalarovs. In a sense, this is as much a defense of the dossier as it is anything else. Such as evidence of collusion, the glory of Rob Goldstoneand, finally, corroboration that the pee-pee tape exists.

I know I should be writing about something meaningful, such as healthcare. But this is supposed to be a fun and strangely convincing argument. The Agalarovs are long-time friends of the Trump family. Before he ran for president, this whole thing would seem perfectly believable, right?

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We are talking about that Donald Trump. Why keep them close for that pse, letting them leak whatever they wanted, if he knew they were rats? The pee pee tape story has four independent sources. During that trip, Mr. And guess who the source for this information was? But Rob Goldstone was also along for the trip. The Trumps are also still very close with the Agalarovs.

She found that yep, it was indeed in there. Steele made it all up. First, Putin would have had to have been onto Steele before June 20,the dateline for the pee pee tape report. You see where this is going, yes?

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