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All parts that come into contact with milk are Rehtal and phthalate free. Time saving — you can pump more milk in less time Maintains your rentql supply when direct breastfeeding is not possible Your milk has a higher energy content — especially beneficial if your baby was born preterm Comfortable and efficient to use. If you plan to pump longer than six months and have a healthy baby and good milk supply, it might be more cost effective to purchase a pump. But when direct breastfeeding is not possible or you are experiencing difficulties, switching to a breast pump might be very helpful.

Supports you to successfully initiate, build and Breaat an adequate milk production. First, ask yourself how long, why, where and how often you plan to pump. The small hand-held pumps are also a cost-effective alternative if you plan to pump only occasionally. Each of these answers can make a big difference in whether a purchase or rental makes most sense for you, your pocketbook and baby. No matter which way you go, there are a few more important factors to consider.

Montreal Breast pump rental

You'll need to buy the collection kit parts that connect your breasts to the pump separately. The hospital-grade Symphony pump is available to rent for continued use after hospital discharge. Rental fees may be covered by some health insurance companies.

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