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Girls hygiene Teen

They may not instinctively see what suits them, what colours to choose and how to apply it effectively. A make-up lesson is a useful way of doing this. They may listen more to an expert than to a parent. Techniques such as using a lip brush or gloss on lips may help.

Too little make up is always better than too much. Using a good magnifying mirror can make it simpler to see what to do. Restrict the number of colours for eye shadow and lipstick. It also makes your skin push out more oils which attract bacteria that create most of the stink. When these new body odors happen, the smells are always attached to oils on your skin and hair — and hair really holds onto odors! Think about this… if you have grease or oil all over your hands, how do you get it off? You have to use soap!

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Tefn And sometimes you have to wash twice with soap if your hands are really greasy, right? The same thing is true for body odor — consider it oily, so you HAVE to use soap, sometimes twice, to remove the oils carrying the odor. Butts get stinky and they need soap, too. The other thing you need to know is that your vaginal discharge only causes odor if it sticks around too long.

As with douching, they can lead to things like allergic reactions and irritation. Your vagina has its own natural cleaning system that flushes out bacteria, so you don't need to add any chemicals to help it. Perfumed sprays don't make infections go away, they just cover up the smell for a short time. It's easy to keep your vagina clean without making it smell like a flower shop. You just need to shower or wash every day with a mild soap and plenty of warm water. Some girls like to take warm baths during their periods to help relieve cramps. What Else Can Help?

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