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The art of fake news: The Indonesian artist fooling the world with his photos

Missionary celebrities have modeled for member photographs prior to becoming lousy. Baseball or tied photos: About 70 percent of Facetune users are males, its rep frontiers The Light.

Many actors and actresses have done nude or partially nude scenes in non-pornographic mainstream films. Screenshots from photp films are circulated widely and can usually be recognized by the low picture quality from video. Increased popularity of broadband internet access makes possible the distribution of actual video clips and higher quality images, usually copied from DVDs. Often screenshots of these scenes are displayed in several frames as tiles.

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Occasionally, celebrities are photographed in revealing real-life situations. The most common scenario is a celebritty sunbathing toplessusually on a ;hotoyacht or by a pool. The photos are usually taken from a distance and rarely reveal more than breasts, although some celebrities have been photographed fully nude. Other types of paparazzi images of nude celebrities include ' nipple slips ', in which low cut dresses, lack of a bra, an accidental fall of clothing or camera flash glares may reveal a celebrity's nipples.

Celebrity photo Doctored adult

A final form is the increasingly frequent occurrence of an " upskirt " shot of female. Most such images show underwear, but some situations such as celebrities exiting cars have resulted in snapshots which are claimed to show genitalia. Mainstream sex magazines such as Playboy or photographic art magazines such as Black And White routinely feature nude shoots of celebrities. Some celebrities have modeled for nude photographs prior to becoming famous. Such images are often later redistributed in digital form by the publisher, or by a third party.

Private sexual photographs of celebrities are sometimes leaked online. This usually occurs after a hack on their cell phone or e-mail. Photos or videos released online by recipients: Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson also found themselves in a similar predicament, with the help of Mr Harahap's photo doctoring skills. Mr Harahap says his digital mischief is a warning to Indonesians who are new to internet culture, but eager to share and comment on anything: Agan Harahap centre right and Rihanna detained by Indonesian police in another doctored image.

Agan Harahap "It's a giddy transition era today.

Since cheap Chinese smartphones invaded the market, everyone has been connected to the internet," he said. They are my target, but I pity them. Indonesia has a fake news problemand as the country heads towards general elections next year, there is concern about how social media hoaxes will impact the campaign period. Mr Harahap has used his computer skills to place celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian in the back of police vans. Agan Harahap Communist fish and unlikely friendships Doctored celebrity adult photo fake celebrity photos, Mr Harahap's work has used the low level of online literacy in Indonesia to lampoon the country's increasingly divisive politics.

Fake news played a role in the Jakarta gubernatorial election, with much of it targeting the ethnicity of former Jakarta governor Ahok. He frequently gets inspiration from his social media timeline. When he heard two shop owners had been arrested for selling a heavy metal band T-shirt, as it featured a hammer and sickle symbol, Mr Harahap pulled together an image of his own in response. Promoting Communism in Indonesia remains a serious offence, stemming from the country's notorious purge of suspected Communist sympathisers in that saw half a million people killed. Mr Harahap's fake news story and accompanying doctored photo about a fish detained from a pet shop because of a hammer and sickle symbol on its forehead went viral, and was even picked up by mainstream media.

The blasphemy trial of Jakarta's former Christian governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnamabetter known as Ahok, has also been artistic fodder.

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