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Length is not the enemy: why are designers obsessed with short dresses?

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It looks a little short, no?

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Is it actually a longish top? It was the same story with two other dresses I tried on in another store — one a beautiful black and white floral, the other a chinoiserie print, long sleeved, button through, a bit Jean Muir, Cacharel, a touch s — my favourite. Pretty colour, nice print, in your price range. You take it off the rack and examine it.

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You sigh resignedly, thinking that you're just getting older as you hand the dress back to the assistant and hwlf out of the store, terrified that you may have been heading for that mutton dressed as lamb look. A dress can always be taken up. So when a design house cuts back on the fabric, and turns every style into a baby doll dress, they stand to lose out in both ends of the market. So many of them seem to come up short, or scalloped at the sides like a man's shirt. I am obviously not talking about bandage, sci fi, mini crini, stretch sportif style designer dresses that are intended to barely cover the bottom and to show off long, firm adolescent legs.

Maybe it will lengthen miraculously in the change room. Zara revved it up by making the skirt reach mid thigh.

Skit via Email Just a tiny bit too short? Both were cut the length of a skating skirt. Why not offer different lengths? How modern is that?

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