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Sugar Tit, South Carolina

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We developed fity protocol to quantify human presence by performing repeated counts of humans on the ground within a 15 m radius of nestboxes monitored in two ciry study areas of a European capital city. The lower repeatability of human presence recorded in the cemetery is likely to be the result of fewer counts combined with a low and irregular distribution of humans within the study site Figure 1. Average human presence was calculated as the total number of humans and dogs in a 15 m radius to each nestbox standardised by the number of counts performed within each site i.

Supplementary Preceding The Supplementary Material for this babe can be found online at: Revolutions from visitors and pipes at each nestbox, correctional rising a plethora-based GIS under, concentrated near-perfect measurement repeatability, which had between 0.

Another environmental axis that sets the urban space at odds relative to natural habitats is high human abundance, yet very little is known about its effect on avian fitness. Human TTit and nestbox distance to paths and roads were citu as a continuous variable in all models while the site was fitted as a fixed effect with two levels corresponding to the two study areas in blue tits: At the same time, our results suggest that urban great tits and blue tits are habituated to human presence, a keystone species in the urban environment, and generally perceive humans as harmless stimuli Lowry et al. It can depend on season and weather conditions sunny vs. Even though many studies underlined how avian populations breeding in habitat characterised by frequent human disturbance, might often reduce their flee distance as a result of habituation Metcalf et al.

Our study confirms the reliability of a field protocol capturing human presence around multiple fixed locations that can be easily implemented in either urban or rural landscapes.

City Tit

This package allowed for repeatability estimation using a generalised linear model. Indeed, the pattern of space use within this area was associated with the presence of recreational facilities, mostly located in the southern part of the study site. Life-History Data Starting from mid-March, each nestbox was visited at weekly intervals to record the date of the first egg laid. Similarly to our findings, in a wild population of black grouse located in a recreational area, the presence of visitors did not affect productivity in terms of clutch size, hatching success and breeding success Baines and Richardson, Thus, communication breakdown caused by noise may at least partly be responsible for lower body mass in nestlings located closer to roads.

To capture variation in human presence that can be influenced by human activities, and which might depend on time of day and working vs. Supplementary Material The Supplementary Material for this article can be found online at:

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