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It dispels our menstrual blood, discharge, ejaculation and little human beings.

Healthy discharge keeps the vagina clean and lubricated and reduces your risk of infections. Your vagina has to look a certain way. But remember what I said about biology having your back? The vagina is the same as a penis, but on the inside. Vaginal discharge means you have an STD or another health issue. But the stuff on the inside of your body? Remember folks, biology has our back.

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It might feel like urine is coming out southegn the vagina because of how close everything is down there, but the steady stream is shooting from somewhere else: But given the anatomical nature of your body, this is impossible. The vagina is incredibly elastic—not only does it stretch to accommodate size, but it also snaps back to its original shape not long after sex or childbirth. I understand why visually this might make sense, but for the sake of accuracy, I must shed light on the true comparison. Read these 10 common myths about the vagina.

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One of the few non-myths out there is the front-to-back wiping method. Southrn arousal, the vagina expands in preparation, so a tight vagina might actually be a sign that a person is not ready to have sex. Take a pocket mirror and admire it!

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