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To detect possible leakage, the volume of water introduced into the balloon was checked by complete removal with a syringe at the end of the distension period.

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The sample incubation was carried out for 1. After inhibition of endogenous peroxidases with 0. Haemalum was used as a counterstain. As negative controls, sections were treated with the same procedure, except for the absence of primary antibody. Immunohistochemical analysis was performed in a blinded fashion using a Nikon 90i microscope. All analyses were carried out on 10 fields per sample. Sections were mounted in fluorostab medium MP Biomedicals, Vannes, France and examined under a Nikon 90i fluorescence microscope. Results were expressed per square millimetre of colon mucosa. All analyses were performed on three fields of six control rats and six treated rats.

Statistical analysis Data are presented as means SEM. Analyses were carried out by running the GraphPad Prism 4. All data were normally distributed.

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Dexamethasone and doxantrazole treatment in itself had no effect on abdominal response to rectal distension data not shown. Values are means SEM. Data are expressed as optical density, as the total number of grey levels per square micrometre of colonic mucosa. Dexamethasone treatment resulted in a slight, but not statistically significant, increase in dextran flux 1. Four days of corticosteroid treatment diminished the significant effect of a mast cell degranulator on colonic permeability seen in control rats 1. After 4 days of dexamethasone treatment, the mast cell number in the colonic mucosa was significantly reduced to He still prefers the smaller less breaded chicken nugget to these chicken strips.

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