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They smell so good and their skin are so soft. I like to pick them up like in this picture while I hug them tightly. Her friend is grabbing her a bit too low under her waist and lifting up her skirt with her. Pamela Anderson actually tore her dress right open We couldn't have written this without mentioning Iggy Azalea's serious fail back in at the MTVs. Seriously hun, this was a disaster waiting to happen. The Australian rapper turned up the red carpet in a long black cut out gown that featured a slash as high as her belly button.

Seriously, was there any point in wearing anything on the lower half at all? The frock didn't have a skirt, instead it just had draped lengths of material hanging from her waist, landing Iggy-Iggs in the world of wardrobe malfunctions as the fabric swung aside, flashing way more than she planned. The Pretty Girls collaborator even took to Instagram to set the record straight on the incident, writing: Sadly for this Aussie rapper, her dress just swung open Last but not least, we leave you with one of the most ridiculous frock failures we've ever had to witness.

And we really aren't exaggerating this one. Ex On The Beach bombshell Melissa Reeves decided it would be a wise idea to join in on the vajay flashing trend by quite literally revealing her lady parts to everyone. The incident occurred when she was attempting to fix her flesh-flashing-frock — try saying that one three times fast — but instead the two hip-high slashes revealed everything to the paps.

Ex On The Beach babe Melissa Golfere suffered a double malfunction Adding insult to injury, the top half then fell down, causing Mel to deal with a nip slip too. Could this actually have gone any more wrong? With all these ridiculous frocks, you'd think the world didn't have enough fabric anymore. Reeves nipple fell out too Related articles.

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