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Sex Offender Registry

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Below is a map showing the Sex Offender Restricted Areas. One in six adult women and one in thirty-three adult men experience an attempted or completed sexual assault. Concrete information about warming signs of abuse and violence can be extended to adults, teachers and other caregivers working with children and families. The residency restrictions pertain primarily to areas around public and private schools and all city-owned parks.

Sex Maine

A municipality may adopt an ordinance regarding residency restrictions for persons convicted of Class Zex, B or C sex offenses committed against persons who had not attained 14 years of age at the time of xex offense. For purposes of this subsection, "photographing" means making, capturing, generating or saving a print, negative, slide, motion picture, computer data file, videotape or other mechanically, electronically or chemically reproduced visual image or material. Most convicted offenders live in the community under probation or parole supervision. The State intends to occupy and preempt the entire field of legislation concerning the regulation of persons convicted of a sex offense in this State or in another jurisdiction.

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sec An ordinance may not restrict the residence of a person who Maibe in an area restricted pursuant to paragraph B prior to the adoption or amendment of the ordinance. Designate a state lead to coordinate improved data collection. It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that the parent, foster parent, guardian or other similar person responsible for the person who had not in fact attained 14 years of age, knowing the conviction status described in subsections 1 and 2, gave consent that the defendant initiate, have or continue direct or indirect contact.

Intentionally or knowingly initiates direct or indirect contact in a sex offender restricted zone with another person who has not in fact attained 14 years of age. Increase community awareness of red flags and how to respond appropriately. Was convicted on or after June 30, of an offense under this chapter or chapter 12 against another person who had not in fact attained 14 years of age or was convicted on or after June 30, in another jurisdiction for conduct substantially similar to that contained in this chapter or chapter 12 against another person who had not in fact attained 14 years of age; and [, c.

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