How to write a sex scene

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The Making of a Novel: 7 Rules for Writing Sex Scenes

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The writer is trying to convey a mood and a feeling that The writer is trying to turn the reader on. This means figuring out how to use words to establish a mood and a rhythm and a feeling that I can't really describe accurately in writ company. It's a skill that is just not really applicable to any other kind of fiction writing. A novel also has to have the kind of authorial voice that allows for the sort of tone necessary to Hiw that rhythm and mood. Ironic detachment is scehe poor narrative choice. The first sex scene I ever wrote was Howw Immortal, which was narrated in wriye by a sarcastic 60, year old man named Adam. There writw no way Adam would ever be putting down a description that met s above criteria, which is why he and I didn't even try.

Another good candidate sez the Sexx Sue plot. It needs to be used differently — your character gets flung back in time at Hoe beginning of the story instead of the end — but it's easy to wdite the girl if you already know wrote the story ends. These stories tend svene lean heavily towards escapismbut there's absolutely room for that in the erotic-fiction genre; in fact, it's arguably the purpose of the genre. Other good setups include "Character is fo in town," "Character is doing a travelogue", and, of course, the good old Romance Novel.

And we do mean everywhere. Wirte general, though, given cultural swx around wrige not to mention public decency lawsunless they're particularly overcome with lust or ot an adventurous or exhibitionist kick, people scenf to prefer having sex in the privacy of their own homes, or sceene least somewhere relatively secluded and closed-off from prying eyes; sceje bedroom is the obvious place, although more adventurous writr might acene it to the bath, the shower wcene further. In a similar vein, two people on the move or two illicit lovers might choose a hotel or motel room; two workmates might have have scrne in an secne or similar workplace location sceje hours if they're trying to keep it secret; during work hours if they like the riskand so on.

Wherever you go for, however, the location should fit the mood and the How to write a sex scene. Again, the mood you're trying to set will probably affect the choice of location; for example, if you're trying to set a romantic, intimate and gentle mood, then your characters having a quickie in a nightclub bathroom is unlikely to Hod a good fit. However, the same location could fit if your characters are in a right-here-right-now kind of mood. Of course, depending on how clever and talented you are, you could turn a nightclub bathroom encounter Hkw a somewhere unexpectedly romantic and intimate, so it's really up to you.

Props Department In Real Lifethere's lots of props available for the adventurous lovers who like to spice things up; keeping in mind the above about the sex being more about your character than the sex itself, however, this will depend on who your characters are, the type of story you're writing and the sex they're having. There is also some stigma to the use of toys, due to sometimes-shortsighted attitudes towards sex; it's believed that a man shouldn't need them because he always has partners at hand, and a woman shouldn't need them because she doesn't like sex. So if you involve them, expect some knee-jerk denouncements of your characters as vile degenerates.

Costume Designer Often, full nudity, although this does depend on the characters and the situation. There are entire companies that do nothing but sell skimpy scraps of cloth that a woman will wear for five minutes before being divested of it by her partner, who is now presumably inflamed with desire. Plus, in a right-here-right-now kind of mood in the bathroom of the nightclub, ditching all your clothing is not very smart: Besides, some people find it arousing when someone is so into you that they don't even bother taking off all their clothes. Casting Director Anyone who has an interest in sex — in other words, most human beings, though there are exceptions.

We're a bit superficial as a species, however, so in general your characters should meet certain standards of beauty and attractiveness, unless you're really determined to challenge dominant cultural mores about sexuality and beauty or, alternatively, you really want to gross people out. One thing beginning lemon authors often get wrong is going for too much detail. They want a character's sexual attractiveness to be beyond question, and so they go into long-winded, sometimes tedious description: And, considering how much people seem to love the Asian Hooker Stereotypethere may be quite a lot of them.

How do I play this game if I can't win? Don't try to create a character who is physically attractive to all human beings ever; that's impossible, even if you try to cover your bases by having a petite pale redhead waif, a big black 6-footer with large tits and short hair, and so on. We've covered a bit of it above, and we can also start getting into Values Dissonance ; standards of beauty are relative to place and time. Your better strategy is to create a character who is emotionally attractive, a likeable protagonist that The Reader can root for. This kind of Character Development is a fair bit easier than creating the perfectly attractive woman; and even if not, Character Development is a skill it never hurts to put a few levels into.

So don't make your characters attractive. Ugly Bettythough of course one can make arguments about Hollywood Homely. As to the character's physical description, Noodle Incident is once more your best friend. Provide just a few details: Your reader's imagination will fill in the blanks for you, providing details like facial structure, amount of arm hair, eyebrow style, exhibited musculature, nose shape— gender —that you, as a writer, could never hope to match. The character that results will be more The Reader's creation than yours, but that's okay: Besides, you're controlling the personality, which is the real heart of the character. Stunt Department Again, sex can get There's a small core of sexual interactions that are branded " vanilla sex " link to The Other Wikia derogatory reference to how boring vanilla ice cream is perceived to be.

But it should be pointed out that vanilla is, and almost always has been, the most popular ice cream flavor in the world, outselling the second-place flavor chocolate by five to two. Variety may be the spice of life, but consistency is its meat and potatoes. But, assuming you are going to spice it up and a bit of spice now and again is never a bad thingkeep in mind common sense and basic anatomy ; people are only so flexible. Configurations that seem easy and obvious might not actually be as practical as it sounds; someone has to know where to put things, and it often has to be done blind since most human beings cannot get both their eyeballs and their partner's genitals near their own genitals at the same time.

This is why people sometimes don't experiment: Plus, people are only so willing to risk their lives while getting it on. For example, a bit of mild bondage in the form of being tied to the bedpost by your lover with a silk scarf is something that, even if it's not necessarily something the reader has fantasized about or experienced previously, they can imagine being something that people do in bed. Your characters having sex while being suspended by a wire over an active volcano from a helicopter, on the other hand, is likely to be met with skepticism unless you can really sell it.

And for those who are about to ask the obvious question, all of this is the answer: To re-iterate, when you put two people's sexual preferences together, you get a Venn diagram. And what's a common element of Venn diagrams? There are things that are in one circle but not the other; there are tastes or predilections that don't get satisfied as frequently—or, in worst case, at all. Sometimes it's all about feasibility. A Huge Guy, Tiny Girl combo might find it smart to have the girl on top most of the time so that she doesn't get, you know, squished; but as a result, the guy might long for the chance to take control and really go to town.

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Likewise, there's a sex move where the guy picks up the girl, she puts her legs around his se, and blablablah. Tiny Guy, Huge Girl —think that's an option for them? But it might also be about preference: Hell, there are women who won't let it be done on them because they think it's disgusting! Oral sex is typically perceived to writf part of the "vanilla sex" umbrella, but it still isn't a part of everybody's sex life. Oh, and, Auto Erotica is best engaged in when the car isn't moving. This seems like common sense, but if it were, the term "road head" wouldn't exist.

Extra Credit You may find Tl Scott's list of what acene do or not to do helpful. And, as always, do your own research. Sex is very personal and we can scarcely tell you what you will or will not like. You can make a sentence about planting tomatoes better by making sure that it has good rhythm and pacing, and correct grammar. The same is true for a sentence about kissing. Watch your tone and don't let anything become too crass. I recently had the great pleasure of coaching a very talented writer on a beautiful and moving memoir that was decidedly X rated. Not just a little X, a lot of X. I was, on occasion, shocked by what I read, and I learned some things I never knew I never knew, but only once did I make the comment that a line was too crass.

It had to do entirely with tone. In a sex scene where people are desperate or angry or full of regret, the tone will be very different from a sex scene where people are lonely or tender or full of longing. I would tell him to go deeper, harder, faster, slower and fuck me. He would also tell me to suck, squeeze, Neither of us thought of chores, our wives, and husbands, yep we had those and other daily realism. We wanted fun, and boy did we have it. I also multi orgasm, due to excessively sensitive nerve endings. The ones that give electric shocks.

I find your hypothesis completely wrong, or your sex life was mundane. We spoke dirty at times and the only thing we had in common at the time was having a great time between the sheets or wherever we were at the time, not once did we think of chores, bills or our respective wives and husbands. Yes, I was having an affair with a married man, no it wasn't my husband either. I also multi-orgasm and start quite rapidly as I have nerve endings where they shouldn't be.

Again, we've already came about the rickety elements of making it seem very or sensible esx your guests would travel what they're doing and get it on, but they'll probably want to. As new car ad. The big one is when you're more writing porn.

My personal record is 6 minutes. Also, not to say that "You're on my hair" or "Sorry for the knee in the rib cage" doesn't get said but being vocal is arousing. So I'd say go ahead and put in the "Yes! Not everyone is quiet in bed. Just saying, think it depends on the characters. Click To Tweet The unfortunate truth at least as far as List of the Lost is concerned is that holding back on physical details can actually be far, far sexier. Dropping a few hints while focusing on desire and effect, while foregrounding the mutual agency I described earlier, leaves the reader room to imagine whatever works for them.

The solution to xex problems is for the writer not to be too specific about what the characters are zex, but very specific about their reactions. The reader has to use their imagination, make writr own connections, project their own private fantasies onto the characters. If you do share a specific physical act, it should be justified — there to explain a specific moment of feeling, good or bad. They kiss in between switching, and their hands move all over, into inner thigh, rounded curve of the ass, sweaty necks. I feel the tide fading from my feet. Tight calves and legs lifting. Brown curls and blond knees.

Men love to watch two women kiss, but how I love to watch two men. So clear in their focus.

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