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Amateur radio operator

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Research by amateur operators has founded new industries, [4] built economies, [5] empowered nations, [6] and saved lives in times of emergency. Etymology of ham radio The term "ham" was first a pejorative term used in professional wired telegraphy during the 19th century, to mock operators with poor Morse code sending skills " ham-fisted ". The use of "ham" meaning "amateurish or unskilled" survives today in other disciplines "ham actor". The amateur radio community subsequently began to reclaim the word as a label of pride, [14] and by the midth century it had lost its pejorative meaning.

Although not an acronym, it is often mistakenly written as "HAM" in capital letters. Activities and practices[ edit ] The many facets of amateur radio attract practitioners with a wide range of interests. Many amateurs begin with a fascination of radio communication and then combine other personal interests to make pursuit of the hobby rewarding.

Raio Amateur

Some of the focal areas amateurs pursue include radio contestingradio propagation study, public service communicationAmatsur experimentationand computer networking. Amateur radio operators use various modes of transmission to Anateur. The two most common modes for voice transmissions are frequency modulation FM and single sideband SSB. FM offers high quality audio signals, while SSB is better at long distance communication when bandwidth is restricted. Although computer-based digital modes and methods have largely replaced CW for commercial and military applications, many amateur radio operators still enjoy using the CW mode—particularly on the shortwave bands and for experimental work, such as earth-moon-earth communicationbecause of its inherent signal-to-noise ratio advantages.

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Morse, using internationally agreed Amateur raio encodings such as the Q codeenables communication between amateurs who speak different languages. It is also popular with homebrewers and in particular with "QRP" or very-low-power enthusiasts, as CW-only transmitters are simpler to construct, and the human ear-brain signal processing system can pull weak CW signals out of the noise where voice signals would be totally inaudible. A similar "legacy" mode popular with home constructors is amplitude modulation Amateur raiopursued by many vintage amateur radio enthusiasts and aficionados of vacuum tube technology.

Following changes in international regulations incountries are no longer required to demand proficiency. Specialized digital modes such as PSK31 allow real-time, low-power communications on the shortwave bands. EchoLink using Voice over IP technology has enabled amateurs to communicate through local Internet-connected repeaters and radio nodes, [20] while IRLP has allowed the linking of repeaters to provide greater coverage area. Automatic link establishment ALE has enabled continuous amateur radio networks to operate on the high frequency bands with global coverage.

Other modes, such as FSK using software such as WSJTare used for weak signal modes including meteor scatter and moonbounce communications. Fast scan amateur television has gained popularity as hobbyists adapt inexpensive consumer video electronics like camcorders and video cards in PCs. Linked repeater systems, however, can allow transmissions of VHF and higher frequencies across hundreds of miles. Repeaters can also be linked together by using other amateur radio bandslandlineor the Internet. Amateur radio satellites can be accessed, some using a hand-held transceiver HTeven, at times, using the factory "rubber duck" antenna.

Some join in regularly scheduled on-air meetings with other amateur radio operators, called " nets " as in "networks"which are moderated by a station referred to as "Net Control". Amateur radio operators, using battery- or generator-powered equipment, often provide essential communications services when regular channels are unavailable due to natural disaster or other disruptive events. Many amateur radio operators participate in radio contests, during which an individual or team of operators typically seek to contact and exchange information with as many other amateur radio stations as possible in a given period of time.

In addition to contests, a number of Amateur radio operating award schemes exist, sometimes suffixed with "on the Air", such as Summits on the AirIslands on the Air, Worked All States and Jamboree on the Air.

Also, radio raoo possible clandestine uses. Both the requirements for and privileges granted to a licensee vary from country to country, but generally follow the international regulations and standards established by the International Telecommunication Union [27] and World Radio Conferences. What's the Appeal Amatdur Ham Radio? You can Amatehr from the top of a mountain, your home or behind the wheel of your car, all without relying on the Amayeur or a cell phone network You can take radio wherever you go! In times AAmateur disaster, when regular communications channels fail, hams can swing into action assisting emergency communications efforts and working with public service agencies.

Ham radio also came to the rescue during Hurricane Katrina, rwio all other communications failed, and the devastating flooding in Colorado in Ralo can communicate with other hams using your voice and a microphone, interface a radio ario your rai or tablet to send data, text or images, or Morse code, which remains incredibly popular. You can even talk to astronauts aboard the International Space Station, talk to other hams through one of several satellites in space, or bounce signals off the moon and back to Earth! Some hams like to build and experiment with electronics.

Computer hobbyists enjoy using Amateur Radio's digital communications opportunities. Others compete in "DX contests," where the object is to see how many hams in distant locations they can contact. Mostly we use ham radio to form friendships over the air or through participation in one of more than Amateur Radio clubs throughout the country. There are overradio amateurs in the United States and over 2, worldwide. Read real person comments in " Why I Love It! The FCC created this service to fill the need for a pool of experts who could provide backup during emergencies.

In addition, the FCC acknowledged the ability of the hobby to advance the communication and technical skills of radio and to enhance international goodwill. Countless lives have been saved where skilled hobbyists act as emergency communicators to render aid, whether it's during an earthquake in Italy or a hurricane in the U. How Much Does it Cost? There are also classes held by many local groups for people who want more interaction. Once you have your first license, most hams find it best to start with simple equipment and grow over time. Many ham radio flea markets are held all over the country that sell good used equipment for even less.

What are the Amateur Radio Bands? Look at the dial on an old AM radio and you'll see frequencies marked from to kilohertz. This is one radio "band. If you could hear the many different bands, you would find aircraft, ship, fire and police communication, as well as "shortwave" stations, which are worldwide commercial and government broadcast stations from the U.

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