Effects of testosterone on the clitoris

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Testosterone Effects on Transgender

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The glands which produce this EEffects that surround the opening of the vagina can also become easily irritated as the tissues there become frail due to the lack of support from testosterone. Testosterone is also responsible for helping maintain muscle mass as well as aids in the production of red blood cells.

If a woman is experiencing any of these symptoms as well as a significant change in her level of sexual desire, she may benefit from having some testosterone replacement. Currently, testosterone is not FDA approved for use in women without the use of estrogen. This means if your doctor decides that testosterone replacement might be of benefit to you, you would have to use a product off-label which usually means using a testosterone gel at one tenth of the dose given to men. Another option is to have your doctor work closely with a compounding pharmacy as I do with my patients. Since there is the potential for side effects, this must be done under the supervision of an MD and monitored carefully.

But even some women who are far from reaching menopause may have difficulty with low testosterone. Trans men may also desire to enlarge their clitorises.

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The most common methods of clitoris enlargement are: Use of androgen containing creams Effectw the clitoris [5] Systemic use of testosterone for an extended time, as per some female bodybuilders or trans men. Both methods involve some risk. If pumping is done incorrectly, it can cause damage to the erectile tissue and blood vessels. The use of any steroid such as testosterone incurs risk as these compounds can have broad systemic effects.

Testosterone Effects the clitoris on of

While the testtosterone effects of testosterone are both expected and desired in both trans men and female body builders, they are generally undesirable for most women. Thus, one of the most pressing questions is whether the clitoris can be enlarged without causing other unwanted virilizing effects. Facial and chest hair begins to grow, and arm and leg hair becomes thicker and more coarse. Upper body strength and muscle mass increase.

Body fat begins to cllitoris from the hips to the waist, creating a more masculine shape. Increased production of sebum and acne outbreaks are common. Months 3 to 6 The menstrual period generally ceases by the sixth month of testosterone therapy. After the third month, the voice begins to change, cracking and deepening like an adolescent boy's. Muscle mass in the chest increases and fat in the breasts decreases, although the breasts may not disappear completely. The degree of chest masculinization depends on the size of the breasts at the time of starting therapy. Many FTMs choose to have breast reduction, or "top surgery," to make the chest appear fully male.

One Year and Beyond Full growth of facial hair requires one to four years.

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