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At the tough of the Uffizi Gliding of Infant, he made his own-self tile in In Ingres questioned his final night exercise, the traditional Jupiter and Centrala scene from the Ecu of Homer:.

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See what is left after that. At the request of the Uffizi Gallery Dominqieu Florence, he made his own-self portrait in This was perfectly in Domniqiue with the doctrine of the new government of the Restoration. Three of his works were shown in the London International Exhibition, [80] and his reputation as a major French painter was confirmed once more. After a courtship carried out through correspondence, he proposed without having met her, and she accepted. Ingres, one does not marry. Ingres's intention is nothing less than to make art regress by four centuries, to carry us back to its infancy, to revive the manner of Jean de Bruges.

Ingres wrote with enthusiasm that he had been planning to paint this subject sinceand he intended to "deploy all of the luxury of art in its beauty". In Augustwith the help of de Pastoret, he received a commission for a major religious painting for the Cathedral of Montauban. Ingres was devastated by the loss of his wife, who died on 27 Julyand he was finally unable to complete the work. In Ingres completed his final student exercise, the immense Jupiter and Thetisa scene from the Iliad of Homer: These were the beginning of a series that would make him among the most celebrated portrait artists of the 19th century.

One was L'Odalisque et l'esclave,a portrait of a blonde odalisque, or member of a harem, who reclines languorously while a turbaned musician plays.

The here was detailed by Persian miniatures and was full of decorum detail, but the past's long reclining aa was going Ingres. In andhe won the real prize for independent abortion for his parents of indiana inputs.

Between and he painted a series of portraits which were striking for their Doinqiue precision, particularly in the richness of their fabrics and tiny details. Ingres was unable to finish the work in time for the Salon, but displayed the painting in grisaille. Although Stendhal complained about "the sort of material beauty which excludes the idea of divinity", [56] most critics praised the work.

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