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Lots of drama over 'American Teen'

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When I told her this morning that I saw the film she sttaged that she really wanted to see it. But when I asked if she realized it was a documentary about a group of real kids in a real high school in Indiana, she seemed disappointed and said that made her want to see it less. I guess Leah's reaction explains the reason for the deceptive marketing. But I really don't get it, I think the fact that it's a documentary makes it way more powerful, not less! Several articles I read about the film mention how they avoided using the "D" word in the promotional materials. When did documentaries become something film studios needed to hide?

It's one of my favorite art forms--what is more effective than an excellent documentary? That's huge, of course, especially for a documentary, but it's still only a third of what "The Dark Knight" grossed in its first weekend. The reality is that most people are American teen staged likely to watch documentaries on TV, if at all, but they go out to the movies for pure escapism. I'd take a good documentary over most feature films any day. But they are not easy sells to the studios and most documentary filmmakers have a hell of a time getting funding or a distribution deal. Leah recently saw this film in her humanities class at school and I suppose that's the kind of afterlife the makers of documentaries dream of.

I was surprised by Leah's negative reaction about "American Teen" being a documentary because I've taken her to so many that she's loved--films such as "Super Size Me" she's never touched anything form McDonald's sincethe delightful "Mad Hot Ballroom," and the moving "Spellbound. That's still on the high side when you look at the list of the Top documentaries in terms of their box office receipts. I've written about many other documentaries over the years, including such outstanding films as: Oy, listen to me with all these numbers, you'd think I was the money-obsessed studio executive!

I'm just listing these figures here to educate myself on the realities of the documentary world. I understand it better, but I'm still saddened that Paramount Vantage feels it needs to pass off an excellent film like "American Teen" as a non-documentary. It reminds me of how the previews for foreign films that try to "cross over" never include a word of dialogue because the American distributors think audiences will stay away in droves if they know they're going to have to read a subtitle. Is the American movie-going public really that stupid? Apparently there was a bidding war at Sundance for "American Teen" and I can't blame director Nanette Burstein who also made the excellent "On the Ropes" and "The Kid Stays in the Picture" for wanting her film to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

After spending a few million for the American rights, I'm sure Paramount had their marketing wunderkinds working overtime to come up with a plan that would get the film into the multiplexes.

But is pitching it as a modern-day "Breakfast Club" the best they could do? On the other hand, Burstein does a good job shoehorning the five featured kids into the teen archetypes seen in Hughes' film. Megan Krizmanich is the Princess. She lives happily at the top of the food chain and is attractive, confident, and ruthless. We see that she is perfectly willing to humiliate a friend if her power is threatened in any way. But her life is not without its stresses. Megan's parents desperately want her to get accepted at Notre Dame and she worries that she'll disappoint them. Hannah Bailey is the Rebel who dreams of getting the hell out of Indiana and moving to California to make movies.

She marches to her own drummer but is devastated by two break-ups during her senior year and terrified she will succumb to the mental illness that has ruined her mother's life. Hannah lives with her grandmother but her damaged parents appear in the film long enough to tell her she's not special enough to make it in on her own in California. Mitch Reinholt is the Hearthrob. During the course of the year he takes a liking to quirky Hannah. He tries to introduce her into his group of popular friends but ultimately worries about his social standing at the school and cruelly dumps her via text message.

Colin Clemens is the Jock, the star of the high school basketball team. He seems to have it all but we see the intense pressure he's under from his family to get an athletic scholarship. His father once had dreams of making it in pro sports and now, working as an Elvis impersonator, he is living vicariously through his son's achievements on the basketball court. Will Colin choke from all this pressure and screw up his future? Jake Tusing is the Geek who is painfully shy but desperate for a girlfriend. Jake is so awkward that he dreams of going somewhere new for college and reinventing himself, possibly as a "Mr.

Muscles," if he works out a lot. I was riveted throughout the film and fully engaged in the stories of these teens, especially the two I could most relate to -- misfits Hannah and Jake. In Hannah I recognized my own "I'm above all this crap" high school stance that I used to camouflage my insecurities and my secret desire to fit in with the kids I thought I had no time for. I could well relate to Jake's geekiness and wanted to shout at the screen, "Just hold tight, Jake, it's all going to work out. Hannah is an artist, musician, writer and wannabe filmmaker whose liberal views are not a good fit for the conservative small-town culture of Warsaw and she cannot wait until graduation when she can finally leave Indiana.

Early in the year, her long-time boyfriend breaks her heart, causing her to miss weeks of school while she recovers from the heartbreak, and later, while she deals with possible embarrassment at school for missing so many days. She dates Mitch for a while during the year, but their relationship causes friction with his clique of friends, and he breaks up with her via text message.

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Because of this at the year's end, she heads to San Francisco to live for a year before attending film school in New York. Colin Clemens - the "jock". Colin is a well liked, humorous student whose primary focus during the year is athletics. As the star basketball player for Warsaw, he realizes the year is a make-or-break opportunity to impress scouts and get a scholarship.

Teen staged American

To not get a scholarship will likely mean enlisting in the military - something his father constantly brings up through the film. Megan Krizmanich - the "queen bee" or "princess". Megan is a popular student in many ways. She is academically talented, popular, and involved in many extracurricular activities. Her ultimate goal is to get into the University of Notre Damesomething that many of her family members have done before her.

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