Erotic stories anna and her father

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Which made her mind science. Surprisingly, hands are at his peeping and it is oriented off.

Nothing will be said, no speaking. Keep your blindfold on as we don't want you to know whom we are.

Anna and her Erotic father stories

He does not know if this is 2 of the girls just playing ztories practical joke or not. He smells the panties. Both pairs smell of female pussy juice. His cock makes the decision, ffather is a rather foolish and dangerous one he knows, as there is a great qnna it is 2 or more of the girls just playing a joke. What fwther they all come into his tent and find him naked, blindfolded and erect! It doesn't matter, his desire is so strong by now to plunge his fat 8" cock into warm wet flesh, rather than just 'mother Palmer' that he throws wisdom to the wind. After 30 minutes Nicole's father is lying naked on his back, his fat 8" cock in full erection and leaking pre- cum in expectation of sinking into heaven soon.

His tent is lit softly by a very small candle, which is burning in the corner. He hears the tent flaps rustling and hears the sounds of someone entering his tent. He steels himself for a scream or a break out of laughter, but there is only silence. There is a rustling of clothes being removed and he cannot help but slowly stroke his cock. A soft hand grasps his hand and removes his hand from his cock.

There's a reality outbreak which turns statistics into sex personal zombies. The red devil was founded and currently dressing her virginity's hail.

He thinks of every one of the 24 girls, wondering whose hand it is stroking his cock softly, erotically, lovingly. Then another pair of soft hands grabs his hand and he finds it placed upon a large firm soft breast. It is a heaving abna with a very hard and very large aroused nipple. He fondles that young tit. It is so lovely and soft and so large. It can only be one of 4 girls judging by its size, Louisa the little Italian girl, Kerry a big tall athletic girl who is a champion hockey player or He discounts Nicole and Anna and sttories it is Kerry and Louisa as they are friends and share a tent. Her delicate hands cupped his scrotum and began rolling the seed laden eggs within ana tensing an as she buried her mouth over the swelling root of his manhood.

Grasping Anna's shoulders Paul pressed her down upon the bed while he began to spread the tender lips of her cunt; his finger lingering over the swollen knot of her clit as he wiped his cock between the bright pink sheath of her pussy. With one smooth motion he thrust his erection inside her, the thin membrane of her hymen shredding as tiny trickles of blood served to lubricate his stalk. Anna bit down upon her lip and grunted as she felt her father tear through that most intimate of places, her tender barrier now broken that held her virginity intact for these many years. Paul kissed her lips and remained motionless as he allowed her to adjust to the girth of his penis and waited for the stinging sensation to abate.

Slowly he felt Anna's hips begin to undulate beneath him, her feet locking over his to entwine him to her and urge him to move within her. As he traced his lips over her neck and shoulders Paul began a slow yet steady motion of withdrawing his cock until only the head remained lodged inside Anna's young cunt. Find out if he has a cure and stop all this before we all suffer from sex crazed freaks aaaah! They drove in silence for a while. Elsa passed Belle's phone to Meg. Anna followed by laying on top of her. Elsa yawned, covering her mouth and decided to trust her friend and hoped her sister wouldn't do anything to her while she slept.

Her eyes slowly drooped closed and soon she was sound asleep. They both peeked up to look out the window. There was a lab that looked abandoned and rundown, and a few keep out signs. C'mon, let's go pay this scientist a visit," Meg said.

All three girls got put of the car. I really do wanna though, all I can think about is sex! But I'm trying to fight it," Anna said, staring at Elsa's erect nipples. They walked through the destroyed entrance, looking around for the room where the experiment went horribly wrong. The pheromones inside the facility were much stronger than outside, and the girls could barely think. Their hormones were driving them crazy. She started searching the tapes for the right one. Anna and Meg sat down wiping their sweat from their foreheads.

Can't they use a USB? It's playing," Elsa hissed. Anna tried to concentrate but couldn't stop the throbbing between her legs. The tape showed an old man in front of the camera. Because humans are incapable and selfish beings! Anyway, we are about to do the final testing, if it works I will release it into the world without anybody noticing, if it goes south, there is a button releasing a toxin that will eliminate this virus completely in the emergency room across the hall She stopped when she saw giant fly like creatures with penises for tails. She obviously meant fly like creatures, Anna and Meg caught up to Elsa and saw the fly like- "Oh shit!

And they have penises!? She didn't resist, she spread her legs and they started to jackhammer her pussy. I will distract them! God I love this so much," Meg shouted. The girls watched the bugs pound into her sex, giving her prolonged orgasm. She wrapped her legs greedily around the dragon, they were sucking her nipples while she moaned as loud as she could. The girls finally made it to their destination and closed the door. They were inside with a giant device with a button the professor talked about. Both girls were panting their juices dripping down their legs both pale and have red eyes. I want to cum so bad! The two wildly made out with each other, fondling their breasts and pinching their nipples completely forgetting about their destination.

Elsa eyes grew wide she vaguely remembered. Elsa shoved her sister aside and ran for the switch nearly there she was swiped by sister and landed on her ass. Anna kicked her sister and mounted her pussy with hers. Elsa let out a loud gasped then arched her back, slowly closing her eyes in ecstasy. Their pussies making slapping noises as Anna fucked her pussy finally. Anna reached down to squeeze her sister's soft tender breast and fondled it. I heard him come. Fully inside my wife, his daughter, and the springs stopped squeaking as they relaxed.

Quietly hef, I heard Erotic stories anna and her father hr, "Daddy, please don't leave me again. Stay with me for always. I quickly released it and as the video played on with the scene of them both lying together on our Erotiv bed, him big spoon and her abna, I masturbated and blew my own seed into my hand. I wondered about my reaction through the day. Clearly my wife was unfaithful, but with her own heg. I should be outraged, ajd turned on. I couldn't understand why I felt like this, but also Egotic deny that I did.

Maybe it was some complicated mix of stlries own father abandoning me that allowed me srories be so hher to be cuckolded by this new father figure. Even amongst significant changes, life goes on. Fahher was now less "Dutiful wife" than "Daddy's Little Girl", and he in turn treated her like a princess. Taking her shopping, buying her nice things, including some very sexy dresses and flimsy underwear. Of course Eortic was working a lot of hours, giving them plenty of time to develop their anma relationship, and Dad clearly saw no reason to move out. I certainly wasn't strong enough to force him to or even raise the issue. They were fxther nude together in the evenings, curled up on the sofa, sometimes him lazily stroking her breasts, thighs, stomach or aanna as I sat next to them watching the TV.

The house smelled of annna more often than it didn't when I came home, and Anna wouldn't let me make love to her at all now. Most nights I would go to bed first, tired Errotic work - and would sometimes wake to hear them fucking on the sofa or in Dad's room. Then she would come to my bed and fall asleep right away, Eeotic leaking semen from her distended labia. I assume he fatyer came into my bed after I left as I'd now stopped recording each morning after collecting dozens of movies of them together that I still wanked to at work. That had become my only sexual release now. One morning, Dad said; "Son, I've been thinking.

Me and my Daughter like to enjoy lots of hugs and cuddles as we make up for lost time, and it would help if you moved into the spare room for a while. You'll be a good lad, won't you? There was no way I could stand up to this man, so I just moved my stuff over and took his stuff into their room. Most of the girls have never been wilderness walking before so Nicole's father goes around checking their back packs, adjusting them and having them take out and leave behind items which are not necessary. Many of these 14 and 15 year old girls are very much 'young women' by now and Nicole's father finds his cock swelling as he has to 'adjust' their backpacks. There is no shortage of C and D cup bra wearers among these giggling girls, who seem to deliberately move while he adjusts their packs, causing his hands to caress the sides of their full ripe and firm young breasts.

None of them have the fullness and sexuality though of his daughter's friend Anna, whom he has been lusting after since she was 13, nor indeed of his own daughter Nicole. They arrive at the campsite after much cajoling of many of the girls who found the long walk into the gorge very tough. The site is indeed beautiful. They are on a broad turn of the river where the gorge is about meters wide. The river has formed a long deep pool at the point, with a shear sandstone cliff on the far side, the river itself being about meters wide, leaving a large sandy beach and ideal camping area about a meter above the river level.

They set up camp and Nicole's father is busy helping the girls set up their tents properly so they withstand any high winds or rain, which seems unlikely. They all then break for lunch and them the girls go for a swim. Nicole's father has a great deal of trouble keeping his erection unseen, as he is greeted to the site of 24 nubile 14 and 15 year old 'young women'. Most of this class of Nicole's seemed to very athletic and well advanced into puberty. He finds himself staring at many a pronounced pudenda, clearly outlined pussy lips, many a tuft of pussy hair accidentally poking outside tight swimming costumes and many swollen and erect nipples.

He remains with his waist below water to hide his now raging hard cock, which has a will of its own as it yearns to plunge into some of those forbidden moist pussies. As they sit around the campfire that night the 2 female teachers and Nicole's father mingle with girls. They are all still in short pants and he finds his bare skin being rubbed by the bare skin of many of these 'young women'. Luckily the dark enables him to hide his erect straining cock, but as well as he thinks as several of the girls notice and are seen whispering and giggling to themselves.

He cannot wait to go back to his tent and wank off, putting a vision of one of these girls into his head as he does so, although it will likely be that of Anna. Still that little Italian girl, Louisa, she is only 14 and a short 5'2", yet she has the most glorious voluptuous figure, her small frame being capped by a very full set of D cup tits. God he could feed on them he thinks. Bedtime comes and everyone turns in.

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